Most Livable Cities of the Planet Are in the Australian Grounds

Economist Intelligence Unit periodically publishes the Ranking of Global Livability of different cities throughout the world. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide earned the top places in the list of 10 top livable cities previous year. Vancouver went over the rank and attained the rank as the top livable city in the world in 2011. But, this time, Melbourne replaced Vancouver as the top most livable city. Australia evened scores with Canada as the top most livable country with four cities, making it to the top ten list. Multiple parameters such as:

  • Public safety from illegal activities,
  • Public safety from government,
  • Living cost,
  • Quality of health care,
  • Censorship level,
  • Cultural availability,
  • Level of corruption,
  • Food and drinks,
  • Quality of education,
  • Consumer goods and services,
  • Transportation quality,
  • Private utilities & services quality,
  • Public utilities and services quality, and
  • Sound climate

These factors were evaluated and ranked to find out livable cities of the world. The lifestyle offered by these world cities are categorized into five major categories –

  • Education (10%),
  • Healthcare (20%),
  • Stability (25%),
  • Culture & Environment (25%), and
  • Infrastructure (20%).

In 2011, Vancouver was selected as the top livable city with elevated scores mainly for hosting Winter Olympics and Paraolympics in 2010. Canada put money in rising infrastructure and culture & environment of Vancouver since it hosted the sports events that subsequently led in promoting of scores in those categories. A lot of spending was made in security also and this too led Vancouver to top the list. However, later within a year, Vancouver falls down the rank and Melbourne makes its way to the lead as the most livable place in the world. Frequently, Melbourne was listed as one of the most livable cities in the world after the analysis is conducted by Intelligence Team of Economist. It is no surprise that Melbourne has the topmost score as the most livable city, since the city offers healthcare quality, low corruption, weather, public safety, high quality education, public cultural activities, and proper infrastructure. Melbourne has taken a lot of advances recently, thanks to the initiatives taken by the Government of Australia:

  • The price of lodging is bit by bit getting very much inexpensive. In comparison to other cities, Melbourne has a larger number of private rental homes.
  • The Government of Australia has taken measures for green living and for that, living price is reduced because of decrease in energy and water usage
  • Melbourne upgraded its transport infrastructure and so, private & public transportation facility has enhanced. Government of Australia has extensively invested in improving infrastructure. Among the various Australian cities, public transport system of Melbourne is widely utilized.
  • Oil and mortgage vulnerability of Melbourne is decreased as well
  • The industry of healthcare of Melbourne has also improved greatly and it attracts patients not only from different cities, but also from different countries

Melbourne has scored top in livability rankings, however there are other cities in Australia that have also grabbed positions in the list. Among the top ten livable cities, the names of Australian cities like Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide can as well be found. These cities of Australia always find a way to make to the top most livable cities in the world. In 2012, Brisbane could not make it to the top 10 livable cities, but from 2002 to 2004, this city found a spot in the top 10 list. Through out Australia, economic performance, infrastructure, and living environment have improved and so, many cities are able to score higher. Economist exposed that these cities consistently provide a higher quality of living compared to other cities of the world. Moreover, Australia also is growing its services industry and demand by providing better quality services than other countries of the world, which is not only improving service export, but also improving the livability index of different cities. However, there are doubts whether this rank is good or not. Just like Canada, Australia is also making itself to the top position as it is less safety hazard, violence-less, and crime-less news producing country. Australia is a country with many optimistic factors and it is not surprising to see the country as one of the best places to live just after heaven. For these and many reasons, Australian Visa, Australian Immigration, and Australian PR is heavenly for many lower livable cities in Americas, Europe, and Asia. If you also have requirement for Australian Visa, Australian Immigration, and Australian PR, contact Synch1 for free assessment and help you in devising strategies for your stay in Australia.

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