Moms Working at Home – A New Kind of Business Woman

Women today want it all. They want to be successful in their work lives as well as their home lives. Some women who no longer want to have to choose family over career, or visa versa, have chosen to become moms working at home, the kind of woman who can have it all and then some.

Being a mom working at home is not too extreme from working outside the home. Women still have to find ways to juggle their home and business schedules. But being at home allows them the flexibility of working their own hours.

Mrs. Schill, from Canada for instance, wanted to be more than a hair dresser. She wanted something that gives her an income while she was playing with her kids or on vacation with her husband.

She decided to take her knowledge of hairdressing and share it with the world via the internet. She publishes online content on her website that receives 1500 visitors a day.

Instead of waiting for a publishing company to come to her she took a leap and her business is growing everyday.

Mrs. Schill isn’t alone though, she is one of the many moms working at home who are taking things in their own hands. Though there are no statistics for work at home moms there is an estimated 10 million women owned businesses in the U.S. This doesn’t count the millions of web based businesses owned by women in other countries or the many that pop up each day.

The internet is credited for giving countless women a stab at financial freedom. As many women fear corporate America, and those in it struggle to compete with their male counter parts, becoming a mom working at home is the most viable option for some women to own a successful business.

The internet allows moms working at home to do something that most offline mothers can’t which is to operate a hands free business that gives them passive income. That is, they earn money even when they’re not physically working. Most mothers can’t give their families financial security without showing up to work. Unfortunately, many mothers have to make the tough decision of choosing their careers over their families.

It is also said that in many countries, such as Canada, women are working more hours but aren’t seeing more pay. Being a work at home mom though is different in that women do see the fruits of their labor. And with the internet being a more leveled playing field woman owned businesses have just as much chance at success as those owned and operated by men.

Whether they choose to do it in their pajamas, after they’ve feed their kids, or in the afternoon while their children nap, work at home moms are creating a life with no limits. They don’t have to worry about rushing for the morning commute, staying late at the office, being late for their son’s big game or whether or not they’re daughter is safe with the new nanny.

Moms working at home are a new kind of business women that do in fact have it all.

Jeff Casmer is an internet marketing consultant and work at home owner. His “Top Ranked” Moms Working at Home Directory gives you all the information you need to Work From Home in the 21st century.