Mexico Real Estate – Warm Welcome and Low Prices For Canadians

In light of recent economic recovery in Canada – one of the best on this continent, and world-wide – many more Canadians are beginning to pack up their bags for vacation and head off to the warm, and affordable beachfront locations throughout Mexico, such as Playa del Carmen. More Canadians are also beginning to take an interest in Mexico real estate once they see the benefits which this country offers.

This increase has been more than welcomed by Mexicans – both on the political level, and among the common population. Despite the recent visa requirements imposed on Mexican visitors by the Canadian government, Mexicans not only welcome the cash-flow brought by Canadian visitors, but perhaps even more so they welcome the friendly and open frame of mind for which Canadians have become known in this country. It’s not uncommon for local Mexicans in places like Playa del Carmen to be seen wearing a Canada t-shirt or baseball cap.

If you’re a Canadian who’s ready to take the next step, and either buy a vacation home in Mexico, or make it your new year-round home, you’re probably wondering what else Mexico real estate in a place like Playa del Carmen offers.

One of the top points is high-quality real estate for relatively low prices. Playa del Carmen luxury condos can be found for non-luxury prices; a penthouse only a few blocks back from the beach can be found for as little as $400,000 USD. Even a Playa del Carmen beachfront condo be found for reasonably low prices – and remember, these are luxury condos, not just a standard condo, which in cities like Vancouver or Toronto start at prices considerably higher than this.

If you are looking for just simple, good quality, a nice pool and a relaxing green area, you could find a very good 2 bedroom condo for as low as $125,000. Mexico real estate offers a very wide variety of other options as well, including homes and land, in all price ranges.

Besides lower prices, these properties are all very close to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Warm weather all year makes it possible to enjoy this luxury at all times, as well as activities like riding bikes, or relaxing on the balcony for an evening, which in Canada you can only enjoy for a couple of months in the summer.

The cost of living is also low. The recent strength of the Canadian dollar, hovering around 96 cents US, has made these savings even more notable for Canadians. While some international luxuries (such as PGA golf or gourmet restaurants) may cost the same as back home, day to day products and even the vast majority of entertainment and activities will cost noticeably less.

While Mexico works to promote tourism in Canada, take advantage of the very warm welcome, Canada’s positive reputation, and the savings you can find; start making plans to buy Mexico real estate in Playa del Carmen or one of Mexico’s other excellent beachfront destinations.; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely.

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