Medical Tourism in Canada, Cuba and Costa Rica

Medical tourism is very popular throughout the world. The choices of healthcare destinations vary from patient to patient because a patient has to consider many things while choosing a destination. But some destination places are so much popular due to the quality of healthcare services, lower costs, availability of competent and experienced doctors and pleasant environment that most of the medical tourists go their for healthcare treatments. The healthcare facilities in US and UK are good but very costly so inhabitant of these countries also try to find those places which are equal in quality but charge lower prices. Mostly people travel to these healthcare places for plastic surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, and dentistry, cardiac and orthopedic surgeries. Some common good healthcare places include Canada, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Cuba, Germany and Philippines etc. The doctors use latest technologies and techniques in the hospitals to cure medical tourists.


Canada is one of the best medical tourism destinations which provide quality health care services at lower prices. In countries like US and UK patients have to wait for some kinds of procedures but in Canada they receive immediate treatment. The most of the medical tourists travel Canada belong to America; they receive excellent healthcare services at cheap prices. Medical tourists can save up to 30 to 60 percent in Canada as compare to America. The hospitals of Canada are equipped with latest machinery and its beautiful healthcare locations attract medical tourists to come here for healthcare services. The doctors are well trained, experienced and have latest knowledge of diseases and their treatments.


Cuba is one of the oldest healthcare destinations in the world. The doctors, hospitals and technologies used in healthcare treatments are well reputed in the world. Healthcare centers of Cuba are near beaches so mostly patients choose it a healthcare destination. Patients from Europe and Latin America travel to Cuba to receive high quality medical service at lower prices. The hospitals and doctors of Cuba are popular for cancer treatment, addictions rehabilitation, eye surgery, joint replacement and cosmetic surgery. Costs of treatments in Cuba are 60 to 80 percent less than the costs of treatments in US. There are many well equipped hospitals in Cuba not only for local residents but for foreigners too. A documentary film “Sicko” increased the interest of foreigners in the healthcare services of Cuba. The government of Cuba has also taken some steps to attract medical tourists from all over the world to Cuba to increase income. The residents of UK, Bahamas, Canada, , Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and US can travel to Cuba for healthcare purposes on a tourist visa. Due to the trade policy of America toward Cuba patients need approval from the government of US so they visit Cuba as private matter. Some hospitals of Cuba are worldly known for the quality of its services.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a new entry in the business of medical tourism. It is very popular medical tourism destination for dental implants and surgery etc. A patient can save up to 80 percent of healthcare costs in Costa Rica as compare to US. Costa Rica is popular for the procedures such as cosmetic surgery, dental surgery, weight-loss surgeries and orthopedic surgeries. The cost of knee replacement surgery is very low as compare to US. The hospitals of Costa Rica are cleaned and have all kinds of technologies and equipments. The doctors are trained in different hospitals of US and UK. The location of Costa Rica is close to Canada and United States so it has become a very popular medical tourism destination. The presence of English speaking persons also helps a lot in increasing its popularity as a medical tourism place.

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