Medical Staffing Through TN Visas (NAFTA) & Recruitment of Nurses From Abroad

Medical staffing is still a problematic area during a recession, a skills gap still exists even when people are being laid off. Especially for foreign nurses. Yet, nurse recruitment agencies who specialize in overseas nursing jobs & international nurse recruitment, often do not tell the real facts about foreign nurse recruitment to clients as they can make more money pushing other programs.

Staffing solutions for nursing, medical, healthcare service to hospitals, nursing homes, care services and clinic orientated medical establishments is still in demand.

One solution to the lack of health care professionals is through the TN visa from Mexico.

NAFTA TN1 Visas are valid for 3 years offering stability to the Medical Staffing Industry.

They are available as part of the NAFTA treaty which allows professionals to work between the 3 countries…USA, Canada and Mexico with a relatively easy, fast and painless visa process. International nurse recruitment for American and Canadian employers really does offer a very good option which allows for foreign nurse recruitment from Mexico.

Mexican nurses need to have NCLEX, CFGNS (optional), Visa Screen and IELTS to be able to get a visa and legally work in USA which offers excellent options for staffing solutions within the medical staffing industry.

The Overseas recruitment Association have recruited over 60 nurses from Mexico and have a database of other professionals including healthcare professionals, therapists, physicians, doctors, Licenses practical nurses, registered nurses, pediatric and other clinical, health care and medical occupations.

The NAFTA agreement is one of the best overseas nursing recruitment options for International nurse recruitment agencies.

Nursing in particular is in short supply in America, solutions do exist for finding staff. Travel nursing, care professionals, locum, nurse staffing services, health care services etc can all benefit from the NAFTA agreement TN1 Visas, the staffing solutions do exist if we can get the word out to the medical establishments that would benefit.

A list of jobs that could be filled by the TN Visa is available from the site too, these include engineers, architects, doctors and many other professions. The NAFTA agreement opened up possibilities to recruit RN Nurses that many employers, staffing services and recruiters still haven’t heard or learned about.

The recent extension from renewable 1 year visas to 3 year visas has made it even more attractive as a solution for the chronic shortage of health and other professionals in the USA and Canada.

With the H-1B program now a limited option to recruit foreign nurses and being so problematic as a legal vehicle to bring in skilled and experienced RN nurses, there really is no other opportunity for those that are willing to take action to find quality foreign nurses and other professionals from Mexico.

The TN NAFTA visa program is a fairly simple and painless application process for both the employer and for the nurses, it does require a systematic approach, verification of skills and commitment from both the employer and the nurses to see the process through to the end. Without that commitment from the outset, there are too many potential problems if things get a little sticky with applications that are being asked for further documentation.

The TN program Visa is available for 3 years. Nurses will need the following certificates to get the TN visa and work in USA…NCLEX, Visa Screen, IELTS, CFGNS is optional

Article Recap: Nurses from Mexico available on TN visas. TN Visas are available under the NAFTA agreement which is between USA, Canada & Mexico. Nurses, Physicians, doctors, architects, engineers and other professionals are eligible under the scheme. The TN Visa is available for 3 years. Nurses will need the following certificates to get the TN visa and work in USA…NCLEX, Visa Screen, IELTS, CFGNS is optional

Anthony Hayes

Overseas Recruitment Association

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