Many Greek Citizens Are Exploring the Idea of Immigrating To Canada

Many of the Hellenic Society Community Centers in Canada have been seeing an increase in calls requesting information on Canadian immigration. Many are also seeking information about temporary work visas. The economic problems that Greece is undergoing are seen as the basis for these inquires. The increasing strictness in the austerity measures being enacted in Greece is forcing many of its Citizens to seek refuge in more economically stable countries.

Temporary work visas and permanent residency cards are some of the ways that a person interested in immigrating can gain experience in Canada. This allows them to establish themselves and learn the language and customs of the country. Another viable option for younger citizens of Greece may be to enter Canada under a student visa. Canada has many fine post-secondary institutions. Applying for either a temporary work visa or a student visa is an excellent way for immigrants to gain work and social experience in Canada.

Because of the immigration program in place in Canada, immigrants to the country are focused in areas where their skills are needed. The federal skilled workers program and Provincial nominee programs are actively trying to attract immigrants with the skills that are in short supply in Canada. This means that the country is able to maintain a strong and growing economy. This could hold a special appeal for former citizens of Greece who have faced the economic issues that are plaguing their home country.

With the revisions that are being planned for Canada’s immigration program, there may be even more skilled worker position opening up soon. In the past Canada’s immigration program has focused on educational training as opposed to experience training. This appears to be changing; the shortages in the labor force are causing Canada to take a closer look at the experience levels of the immigration applications they are receiving.

Even highly skilled workers and business people in Greece are facing job shortages and cuts in pay. This could be making immigration to Canada appear to be an excellent option for them. The skills that they already possess are in demand in Canada. In many cases they may be able to find work before they enter the country which will make the process of immigrating that much easier for them. If they are already fluent in French or English and are trained, either through education or work experience, there may be a good chance that their immigration application would be accepted.

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