Making Plans to Go Nursing

If you’ve got plans to move across to the other side of the world and find a job nursing in NZ, you are in great company. New Zealand has become a popular destination for those people wanting to benefit from working in a high quality health environment, with the added benefit of a great lifestyle attached. Many people find they can progress through their career faster than in their home country, but still have a life they enjoy.

If you choose to register with a recruitment agency specialising in New Zealand medical vacancies, they can work with you to help you find a job, arrange visas and ensure your qualifications are fully credited and recognised by the hospitals and practices you could be working with.

If you are already registered in another country, with your national authority, then you are able to apply to the nursing council to have your application considered. These are all considered individually, once the criteria required is met and checked. If you were trained in Australia, this is easier, as there is an existing relationship between the two countries to recognise each other’s qualifications.

You need to show that you have a qualification that is equivalent to one people already nursing in NZ hold. For people living in the UK, Canada and South Africa, this is often a formality as these are recognised as suitable. You will also need to show you have high levels of English fluency, which for native speakers is again not an issue. All applicants are asked to sit an English language test, unless you are from Australia (they are exempt).

It’s really important to spend time over your initial application to make sure you have everything in it – as they will not begin to process it until they have everything they need. This is one good reason to use a recruitment agency, as they can collect all the information from you and help you work through all the red tape so the process feels easier.

This is one of the first parts of the process to move across the world to your new life. If you can’t have your qualifications recognised, you can’t work, which means you can’t get a job to help you get residency. So before you’ve made any concrete plans to move, it’s an excellent idea to get this part of your journey sorted out from the outset. It may feel like a formality, but it’s one formality important enough to need before you can go nursing in NZ.

Tonix Health Recruitment specialises in recruiting from the United Kingdom nurses and health professionals whose skills are highly regarded and easily transferable skills to New Zealand. Our team of experienced consultants regularly travel to the UK and offer individualized guidance and support throughout the whole process of moving to and working in New Zealand.

Tonix offers guidance from the beginning to the very end of the process, and despite the time zone challenges from the UK, emails and phone calls keep candidates up-to-date throughout the process. When they next come to the United Kingdom, meet with them and see for yourself what they have to offer. If you are planning to go nursing in nz [] contact Tonix today: []