Make Belize Your Home

An Ideal Retreat – Right in your Backyard

Belize is a beautiful country, lush and green, caressed by the most satisfying sea waters and the blue skies. It is ideally located and close and comfortably reachable; just a couple of hour flight from Miami, Houston or New Orleans. No wonder, it becomes an ideal retreat for vacationing tourists.

Situated on the Caribbean coast of northern Central America, Belize has a presence of hundreds of islets and islands. These are locally known as Cayes (pronounced ‘keys’), and which give birth to the lagoons, fish, and coral life that are abundantly available here.

Belize is the only English speaking country in Central America. Mexico bordering to the north and Guatemala to the west and south, Belize is aloof, and comfortably cocooned. However this proximity has enabled Belize to progress, both commercially and development-wise. What’s more, if you are a citizen of the United States, Canada, or a European Union member country, you would not require any visa for entering Belize. The newly expanded Belize City International Airport is expecting you with a warm heart.

Belize – Where Nature Surrounds

The land has wonderful flora and fauna cover, while the sea is rich with corals and many varieties of fish. Belize is eco-conscious, and has made use of all the resources available for practicing sustainable development plans. On Long Caye at Lighthouse Reef, for example the government has approved the use of the developer’s Eco-guidelines for the residents and guests. Housing will have electricity generated by solar power, purified fresh drinking water obtained by reverse osmosis converting sea-water or by harvesting rainwater and storing it in a cistern; while trash is segregated into compostable and recyclable materials. The spurt of growth and activity in the Belize Real Estate segment has prompted the government to take up environmental conservation as a topmost priority.

Foreign Ownership

Foreign ownership is welcome in Belize. The Department of Natural Resources charges a certain percentage per transaction. The stamp tax for Belizeans and non-Belizeans alike is five percent of the sale transaction cost.

Tax Structure

When a real estate is sold it is usually the purchaser who pays for the land transfer tax. Property taxes are around 1% of the value of the land and collected by the Department of Natural Resources on the 1st of April every year.

Tax Holidays

The Government of Belize has provided these incentives to encourage local and foreign business. Under the Fiscal Incentives Act of 1990, tax holidays can be up to 25 years depending upon the nature of the business, and how much of it is locally owned.

Community Living

Belize is promoting community living in the country. This gives ideal infrastructure and facilities for smaller developments. To realize this concept Eco Holdings Limited is offering properties on Long Caye at Lighthouse Reef, which allows for ownership of an eco-friendly house, here in Belize on ones of its most beautiful islands. Community living makes properties affordable to suit all kinds of pockets.

Surprise Yourself

Get set, pack your bags and lock the doors. You don’t have to believe me, or what I say. See for yourself, be here. Nature in Belize has all the colors of the world, if not more. It was never so simple to enjoy paradise. You just have to hop on the next flight. Belize is magical, out of this world, and yet so close.

Sure, you would like to own a piece of this pie. A home, to all those who love nature. Give yourself a wonderful surprise.

Belize – Yours forever!

The soul of Belize is like a rainbow; colorful, soft and serene. People are friendly, like the nature that surrounds. An English speaking British Commonwealth country, Belize could well turn out to be a romance.

Simple, beautiful and bountiful, Belize is just next door, so you can call upon whenever you like.

Come, Belize your soul.

Dr. Ravikant Bharati is not a quintessential writer – rather he is a back-packer who lives off his ultra-light folding bike. He lives (or tries to live) in the state of New York. He recently caught up with Larry Schneider of Eco Holdings Limited in relation to the eco-friendly tourism & real estate in Belize.