Long Caye at Lighthouse Reef – Belize – A Paradise For Eco-Friendly Existence

A bit about Belize! Belize – The beautiful country located on the Caribbean coast of northern Central America is one of the most environment friendly countries in the world. Not only because of its location, but because of its vast natural resources in the form of flora and fauna that attract nature lovers.

The country has made immense progress since its independence, both in terms of commercial growth and development. Its geographic location has helped in the establishment of many profitable businesses. Mexico borders it in the north, while Guatemala in the south and west, and the Caribbean Sea in the east. With such a diversified neighborhood, it is a wonder that Belize is the only English speaking country in Central America.

In and around Belize: To enter Belize, the citizens of United States, Canada and European Community member nations do not require visas, just valid passports. The recently expanded Belize City International Airport is less than two hours from Miami, Florida, Houston, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana and therefore attracts many tourists who like to spend their holidays in an eco friendly environment. Some of the most attractive features are the presence of some 450 islets and islands known locally as Cayes (pronounced “keys”).

Long Caye, Belize – A true eco-environment

“The government of Belize has approved the use of the developer’s Eco-Guidelines utilized by the residents and guests on this Caye. The goal is to create practices for sustainable development and dwellings that minimally affect the environment. As with most islands in the Caribbean, water is harvested off roofs and stored in cisterns or generated with reverse osmosis systems, which convert sea water inexpensively to purified fresh drinking water. On Long Caye, electricity is generated for each residential dwelling with the use of solar power.

Trash is separated into compostable and recyclable materials. Compostable materials are disposed of in composting bins. The recyclable materials such as plastics, glass and metals are picked up and brought to the mainland where they are disposed of properly to ensure cleanliness of the environment. Composting toilets and grey water holding tanks are utilized to ensure hygienic disposal of the human waste.

Due to its pristine environment, Long Caye is often visited by tourists from all around the world having the thought of purchasing a lot on this island for a beach house, vacation retreat or a second home. Foreigners are permitted to own real estate in Belize. The real estate can be owned individually, jointly or in a corporate name. Also, on Long Caye, it is not necessary to begin the construction of a home immediately; you may build whenever you wish.

Long Caye is in proximity to the world famous Belize Blue Hole and the Half Moon Caye Natural Monument, also located on the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. They are among the most visited protected areas managed by the Government of Belize and Belize Audubon Society. The Caye is home to beautiful beaches, some of the best deep sea and fly fishing and extraordinary snorkeling and scuba diving. Apart from these famous natural treasures, Belize protects about 60% of its tropical forests with over 500 species of birds and has the second largest barrier reef in the world.

So long – from Belize!With such pristine beauty and environmentally friendly surroundings, anyone would be tempted to own property on Long Caye. It’s one of the best destinations where you can spend some quality time with your family and friends and also indulge in activities like diving, sailing, kayaking, fishing, bird watching, canoeing and windsurfing at this eco-friendly location.

The author, Gareth Regan is a business owner in the real estate industry. He is a nature lover and often expresses the same by writing articles on environmental protection. He recently interviewed Larry Schneider of Eco Holdings Limited in relation to eco-friendly tourism & real estate in Belize.