London Subway is the Most Excellent and Efficient

London is the most well known international destination. It is the capital of the United Kingdom that is politically one of the most active cities in the world. You may forget your visits to other places but can never forget a visit to London. It is the city of the powerful political personalities as well as the other famous personalities. Since London is an international metropolis you will get a lot of things to see and remember at London.

The residents of the English speaking nations as Canada, the United States, and several other European nations do not require a visa to go to London. The citizens of America and Canada are even offered extended visa. For those interested in staying for a longer duration, it is not difficult to get authorization. London is internationally connected by air to every part of the world even as Europe has excellent railroads and highways connectivity to London.

Within the city of London, you may find their subway the most excellent and efficient transportation than probably anywhere else. The underground subway of London is quite extensive and touches almost every part of the city. Among other means of transport, the autobuses can be found useful for those who wish to go to specific locations at their own convenience and time. You can also drive around the city at your own pace and luxury if you decide to hire a car. However, if you are not familiar with the London traffic and locations, you might like to get the assistance of a guide and carry the city map as well.

Those that visit London include the Big Ben and the London Bridge among their top itineraries. The bridge is an engineering marvel that opens and gives way to passing ships. The Big Ben is a top a tower. As a tourist you can climb up and explore the tower to some height. Among the recent additions to the tourist attractions, the London Eye is by far the most popular. It is a gigantic Ferris Wheel over which you ride to get a breath taking view of London. You will always want to retain that panoramic view once having experienced it. How about the Buckingham palace, the royal palace that every visitor actually wants to go to? Well, you are actually allowed in except some portions that are private domain and hence prohibited.

London offers cheap and budget hotels as well as boutique and luxury hotels to suit every visitor. Almost every chain international hotel exists in London such as Hilton, Le Meridien, Marriott, Imperial, Radisson, Concorde, Sheraton, or any other. A typical four star hotel tariff per night per room is around 100 pounds or more, or they can be even 80 to 85 pounds depending on a number of factors like location, and the additional facilities offered. Some four stars hotels can also be as cheap as 55 pounds. However, the three star hotels are typically priced in the range of 50 pounds. There are festival discounts and seasonal discounts available so that if you do a thorough search you are quite likely to end up with a budget price for a luxury hotel.

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