Learn French to Become More Open-Minded – Improve Diversity

Learning other languages, such as French, is a good way to reduce the prejudices we have. If we learn about other cultures we will be more diverse and open-minded. How diverse can any city, state, or country be if it only knows one language? Languages tell us a lot about people who speak them. If we know more about people we are usually more open minded and can see other points of view.

Diversity is necessary to stop all the prejudices. Prejudices against other countries who don’t believe the same way we do or aren’t as strong as us, such as the French, develop because we do not understand the culture or perspective of that country. When the United States went to war in the middle east and the French would not join us, some of my friends did not want to eat at our local French restaurant because they didn’t want to support the French who wouldn’t support us in the war. The local French restaurant was owned by a french man and his wife, who were working on a visa in the United States. I do not know what their politics were, but this was a prejudice against France and anything French.

Prejudices are often just a sign of being uneducated about certain countries, people, religions, etc. It doesn’t even have to be a minority vs. majority thing. Minorities can also be prejudice against majorities. There are probably people in France who do not want to support the United States in any way because of our country’s majority politics.

When you learn a foreign language, you get a view into how people who think that language think. Learning a language includes a lot of history of the people who speak that language. People who speak French are in France, Canada, and French New Guinea. Also New Orleans has a lot of french culture. Even the one language has a diverse background to be in these varied and different places.

Foreign languages develop diversity because we learn more about the history behind the language. Diversity opens our minds to more options and develops empathy from knowledge.

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