Know Your Canada Immigration Application Status Online!

With the Canada immigration application status service, it is possible to find out the exact status of one’s immigration application. The Client Application Status service, or the CAS of the Citizenship and Immigration Department of the Canadian Government, lets people to check the status of their application for immigration, online and 24 hours a day.

The information regarding the application status is updated once a week and there are also many other application statuses that can be checked from the website of the Canada Citizenship and Immigration Department.

People who can avail the service

The online service provided by the Citizenship and Immigration Department allows the checking of the different types of Canada immigration application status like:

  • Canadian citizenship application
  • Application of any person who has been adopted by a Canadian citizen
  • Proof of citizenship of the country
  • Application form for renouncing or resuming Canadian citizenship status

Apart from visiting the Citizenship and Immigration Department website, on a weekly basis, there are few other methods that one can use to know about his Canada immigration application status. If he is already residing in the country, there are several call centres that can be contacted for a detailed update of the application status even while contacting the Canadian Embassy or Consulate serving in that reason may also prove to be effective.

The required information

To online check one’s application status, it is important for every individual to remember that there are certain information and documents that one needs to have. These much necessary documents involve copy of all the letters and documents that has been sent to or received from the Citizenship and Immigration Department of the Canadian Government related to the Canada immigration application.

Along with the letters, a copy of the Canadian citizenship application and the financial receipts are also important. Regular checking for updates is always considered to be better as the application processing time varies depending upon the type of application and the special preferences that one may receive under typical circumstances.

Anybody who has applied for a Canadian residential visa is eligible to check his Canada immigration application status online if he or she is sponsoring a member of the family class, applied for a permanent residence from inside the country or from abroad, or has applied for a grant of citizenship.

Instead of its immigration friendly policies, the skilled worker class, along with the investors and business men, are supposed to enjoy more preference from the government and they can always expect to have their immigration application forms processed faster than others.

Though there are several other websites and call centres that also provide information about the Canada immigration application status update, the CIC official website is the best place to check out the updated status of any Canada immigration application.

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