International Renters

People come to Los Angeles from around the world. Some work while others are here to study. While some American credit reporting agencies (Experian and Equifax) have branches in English speaking countries, such as England and Canada, others where English is not the official language may be hard to come by, let alone translate for a landlord. If you happen to own property in another country, inform the landlord of this as he will probably feel more comfortable with dealing with someone who knows how to responsible take care of their own apartment, house, or condo.

However, if you do not own property, there is a another way to convince the landlord that you will be the ideal renter. If you are an international student, submit a letter from your school detailing your study and visa status, a passport photocopy and your application. If you are working, get a copy of your 1042-S from your employer. The 1042-S is a tax form for people who are not American who are (legally) earning taxable income. A sample of it is in Why a landlord should accept this is for the following reasons:

1) It is an American government document with your name on it

2) It has your employers contact information as well as where you will be working

3) It will have an estimated monthly income.

4) It will save them from having to do an I-9 examination. This all will let the landlord know the only thing they care about loud and clear: YOU CAN PAY!


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