Information About The Priority Occupation List (POL)

It has been observed that many people are migrating from one country to another in search of better job opportunities or to study. The people migrating in search of job opportunities are more as compared to the ones going out to study. This is because many people feel that the skill which they have will be rewarded and recognized more only when they will migrate.

Most of the people are migrating under the Skilled Worker Visa Program to Canada. This program attracts the immigrants from outside the country who are trained in their profession and have enough working experience. Under the program there is an option known as the Priority Occupation List (POL).

In the priority occupation list for the Canadian skilled worker visa category, there is a list of occupation for which the immigrant doesn’t need a letter of appointment or a job offer from a Canadian based company. The occupation listed in the POL allows the immigrant to directly apply for skilled worker visa in Canada, but one has to pass the Canadian skilled migration points test.

The priority occupation list for the Canadian skilled worker visa category consists of occupations such as architects, specialist physicians, restaurants and food service managers, dentists, pharmacists, social workers, cooks, contractors and supervisors, electricians, plumber, welders, crane operators and many more. To know in detail about the various categories one can consult the immigration department.

People can also look up on the internet to know more about the POL. Internet is one medium which can easily provide a lot of information but one has to search well which might take some time. Thus it is better to visit an immigration consultant who can easily provide you information about the priority occupation list for the Canadian skilled worker visa category.

If someone is applicable under the POL it will also make him or her eligible for Federal Skilled Worker program and one can easily migrate to Canada at the beginning of the application process. But before one applies for any of the above mentioned program one must make sure that they are ready for the skilled migration points test.

This test is very important as on the basis of the score achieved in the test one will be deemed applicable for the skilled worker visa program. Therefore one must consider this test as important as any other requirement to fly to Canada. In this case one can take help from the immigration consultant or take mock tests on the internet.

Besides this test there are certain requirements which the applicant needs to fulfill. These are that the person must be of good character, must speak in English or French, must be in good health supported by the medical examination and also have the proof of funds. One must also give the documents regarding the working experience in the field one is going to apply for and that must be listed in National Occupation Classification list.

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