In Canada, Banks Are More Enthusiastic To Hire Immigrants As Temporary Workers

A recent research study report has strongly indicated that Banks in Canada are indulging in hiring immigrants as temporary workers to a large extent. This particular report charges are jointly denied by all the Banks operating in Canada. The banks are not conducting usual recruitment system but are using the loophole readily available in the present immigration system of the nation in order to meet their business gains. In this situation, Canadians are losing the job opportunities in the banking sector.

In Canada, Temporary Foreign Workers Program was successfully implemented to hire temporary workers within the immigrants. At the cost of Canadian employees, this employment opportunity shouldn’t be used on the wrong note. Most of the banks in Canada denied their role in hiring foreign workers at the cost of Canadian employees. They jointly mentioned that job vacancies are filled with Canadians and immigrants based on merits. They also strongly indicated that they aren’t against Canadians and their role in the banking sector.

Most of the labor organizations and noted critics have raised this burning issue with the ruling Government and the concerned ministry. They have appealed for immediate solution to this on-going issue with immediate affect. The job vacancy of the Canadians is comprised with temporary immigrant workers. A critic indicated this present situation of the banking sector as “worst type of corporate behavior” towards the Canadian. A national wide warning on this particular issue is expressed by the politicians and labor leaders cutting across party lines. They are much concerned regarding the increasing unemployment issues among Canadians in the nation.

Temporary immigrant workers who are presently working and applied for jobs in the Canadian banking sector are appealed to follow the proper procedure of Immigration. They are asked not to move through loopholes, fake documents and use of favor from the concerned authorities in order to gain job positions. They are also asked not to remain in the country without any proper permit or visa under any condition. They are appealed to follow the rules and regulations mentioned in the temporary immigrant workers permit and don’t deviate from it under any particular situation.

It is high time for the ruling government to look into this serious issue related to employment in Canada. There is an immediate need for taking necessary steps to amend the law. The ministry concerned should look into the activities and function of the Banking sector in Canada. It is time for investigating the usual procedure of recruitment and hiring of employees in this particular sector. A separate report should be obtained from each and every banks operating within the nation and a proper investigation should be conducted to know the actual facts. Those banks who are involved in wrong deeds should be punished immediately and the temporary immigrant workers should be suspended from service. Proper law should be enacted in order to smoothen the employment opportunities for the Canadians and Temporary immigrant workers. There is a need for good employment prospect in Canada to a large extent.

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