Importance of Choosing a Right Immigration Agent

Why chose an immigration agent?

Venturing into a foreign country requires immense preparations from the part of the traveler ranging from the financial support to managing to get a valid passport. Immigration agents play a great role in helping people understand and comply with legal requirements and procedures. Moreover, the changes in immigration laws have become quite frequent. A trained immigration agent can always help you understand your needs and suggest the best way forward for you.

Problems of an unregistered agent

This whole journey of immigration proves to be wonderful for some whereas for some it turns out to be a living example of a nightmare. As witnessed earlier it largely depends on the choosing of an agent. There have been various instances where people have been duped by people ‘pretending’ to be registered agents. Often these tricksters take the advantage of the needs of the innocent people. In one such recent case, students interested in moving to Australia for studies were charged up to $20,000 for education and work experience certificates which later turned out to be fake.

Government policies

To prevent recurrence of such cases, governments of various countries have been getting strict in compliance of the immigration laws. Today Australia and New Zealand are some of the places to have the stern measures taken to curb immigration fraud. It is in this respect that a body called Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority has been formed in Australia, according to which every person or agency proposing to offer immigration services need to get themselves registered here, so as to carry out their work failing which they can get up to a penalty of a ten-year imprisonment.

Measures to avoid Immigration Fraud

While hiring an immigration agent, take care

– to research background of the services provided by him,

– to check the cost of his services. While each professional charges his fees depending upon his experience and standing in industry, cross check the fees so that he does not charge exorbitant fees.

– Beware of agents who promise moon, or make promises which appear too good to be true

– Make sure to check that he is registered with the bodies accountable for providing registration to agents.

– Beware of agents who promise to assist you in making of any fake documents for your immigration.

– Beware of agents who tend of boast of their “contacts” with any embassy.

– Obtain full receipt of the money paid to such agent.

Internet can help you know a lot about the agent you propose to hire. You can read independent reviews about an agent. As a matter of payback to society, do share feedback about the agent you hire on independent immigration website.

You can leave feedback about the agents on Canada Updates too.

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