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Immigration is the process in which an individual or a group travels to another country as immigrants or nonimmigrants. Immigration generally takes place due to number of reasons like work, visit, employment and family issues.

Nowadays most of the people are showing interest to immigrate to United States, in order to immigrate to United States they must have U.S immigration visa. Usually immigration visas are divided into two types Immigrant visas and Nonimmigrant visas. To know more information about immigration issues and visas, immigration forums will provide useful information.

Immigration forums provide different categories for the people to discuss on various types of visas, immigration news and green card (Permanent residence) issues. Nonimmigrant visas are mainly useful for visitors, students, workers and family issues. Immigrant visas contain green card issues, I 485, I 140, adjustment of status through consular processing and labor certification issues. Immigration issue forums provide space to discuss on various countries immigration information like Australia immigration issues, New Zealand immigration and Canada immigration.

B1, B2 visas for business visitors and Tourists. Student visa is for students who enter into U.S. colleges or universities. Work visas are mainly for employs and workers who want to enter temporarily and to do work in certain period of time. Mainly h1b visa, K1, E1, E2s comes under work visa. K and V visas for Families who enter into United States. Immigration forums allow members to post valuable questions on immigration and get good replies from the registered members all around the world.

Detailed information on US immigration visas can be obtained from [], it also provides various categories like Nonimmigrant visas, Immigrant visas, Citizenship, Canada immigration, UK immigration, Australia immigration and more for discussion.

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