Immigrate To Canada – Part 4 – How To Do It Alone – Provincial Nominees Class

Provincial Nominee Class is the third subclass of the Federal Skilled Worker Class.

Let’s take a look at this subclass.

Provincial Nominees Class Immigrants are selected to meet regional need.

In order to immigrate to one of the Canada’s provinces as a Provincial Nominee, first you have to be nominated by the province or territory you want to immigrate to. All the different provinces and territories have their own nomination procedures.

After you have been successfully nominated by a province you will receive a certificate of nomination. This certificate will be sent directly to the visa office by the province so there is no need to attach it to your application set.

Below are the provinces and territories that accept immigrants under the Provincial Nominee Class program.

-Alberta’s Nominee Program: Jobs – Employment Opportunity for Skilled Worker

-British Columbia’s Nominee Program

-Manitoba’s Nominee Program

-New Brunswick’s Nominee Program

-Newfoundland’s Nominee Program

-Nova Scotia’s Nominee Program

-Prince Edwards Island’s Nominee Program

-Saskatchewan’s Nominee Program

-Yukon Territory’s Nominee Program

I will discuss for each province or territory separately in my future articles.

In Canada 20% of the people work in occupations that are regulated to protect the health and safety of the Canadians. Examples are engineers, nurses, electricians and teachers.

Those jobs are regulated by provincial and territorial regulatory bodies that are responsible for establishing entry requirements for individual occupations, for recognizing prior credentials, training and experience and for issuing licenses to practice. The recognition process varies between the provinces.

Applicants may be asked to:

– provide documentation of qualification

– do supervised work

– complete a technical exam

– undergo a language examination

For the non regulated jobs there is no set requirement and the employer will set the standards for the future employee.

Medical Requirements

You and you family members, no matter if they are accompanying you or not must undergo and pass a medical examination. In order to pass the examination they must not have a condition that is a danger to the public health or safety or a condition that would cause excessive demand on health or social services in Canada.

The exam validity is for 12 months from the date of issue and if you are not admitted as a permanent resident during this period, you must undergo another complete medical examination.

Other documents required

You will need a Police clearance certificate issued by the authorities of your country. The validity for the Police clearance Certificate is 3 months.

After you have all the above mentioned documents you have to submit you application to the visa office in your country. Hopefully, you will be the next successful immigrant.

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