Immediate Need To Suspend Canada Temporary Foreign Workers Program

In Canada, there has been a large scale report of misuse of Canada visa program from the nook and corner of the nation by several labor federations. A general appeal has been raised towards the Canada government in order to immediately review the Accelerated Labor Market Opinion program (ALMO). The said program is used for luring low-skilled workers. A labor group in Alberta named Alberta Federation of Labor (AFL) indicated that approximately 2,400 work permit in Canada were successfully issued in order to bring low-skilled foreign workers into Canada. The said figure has sent shock waves across the nation. On the other hand, critics are studying the given situation and the said program minutely.

The misuse of the Accelerated Labor Market Opinion program (ALMO) will seriously affect the Canadians to a great extent. This particular move will definitely bring down wage rate and cut job opportunities for Canadians. Several manpower agencies and businesses are bringing low-skilled labors into Canada with the approval of ALMO. This program is used for hiring cheap foreign workers by a large number of business firms within Canada. The federal government and the concerned authorities seem to be not disturbed by the ongoing situation created by the said program.

A general opinion has called for immediate need to suspend Canada temporary foreign worker program with proximate affect. A recent report indicates that nearly 4,000 employers were given approval to bring temporary foreign workers into Canada. The said figure is really alarming. A research study conducted on this burning issue also indicated that the nation is moving towards wrong note regarding employment programs and future job opportunities for the Canadians in general and foreign workers.

It is to be noted that the said program was successfully introduced in April 2012 in Canada. The program was implemented for immediately hiring temporary foreign workers in Canada. They were welcomed for working on high-skilled job position only and not for low-skilled job positions. It is to be remembered that within a record time period of just 10 days, this program successfully enabled processing of Canada work permits. Many manpower agencies and business firms took large scale advantage with this program. The pay offered to foreign workers were nearly 15% less than what was offered to the Canadian worker doing the same task. This situation also indicated labor exploitation in the nation. This program snatched the job opportunities of the Canadian to indulge in high-skilled job positions and low-skilled job positions. This program also affected both the gender of Canadians in general with losing job opportunities.

Many active labor organizations along with critics have ordered to prove into the misuse of the said program with immediate affect. They have called for the concerned authorities to look into the serious issue and take essential steps. It is time to punish or warn all those persons or agencies who directly or indirectly misuse the given program for their individual or group gain. It is time to amend the said program by the federal government of Canada.

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