I Need a Passport Renewal Online

I must have my my US passport renewed. I search for passport Application on the net for the United States, and nothing jumps out at me.. I look up US passport renewal. I see US renewed in Mexico? I also see the top 10 reasons why passports and visas are denied to illegal immigrants. I click on US passport renewal in Canada? What comes up is the top 10 reasons passports are denied. So I go back and search again; I cautiously choose US passport renewal in Canada The site tells me to find the nearest embassy in Canada. It would be easier for me to go back to America.

I look up renew US passport, I figured I’d discover something similar to what I’m looking for; I’m wrong again. I Google for “download US passport application”; I choose the first option, the site had an error on the page. I’m back at a new Google search now so I type “download US passport application forms”. I couldn’t believe it. Actual forms appear on the screen and too many pages of explanations. What this world needs is an migration TV station.

I’ll try Yahoo, I tell myself. Yahoo is easy. So I try “US passport renewal”. Not much there. Than I try searching for “download US passport application”. There is over 3 million results showing. I scan through the results endlessly, but I’m getting tired, so I go to sleep. The search terms I used are still coursing through my brain…. download US passport application, I need my passport renewed, US passport application online, reasons passports are denied, American immigration passport, etc. It’s like counting sheep, but sleep never arrives, I feel like I have ADD. I finally get to sleep. I awake 4 hours later, I get out of bed at 6 a.m. and my wife says to me, “Dear, it’s early and aren’t you on vacation. So why are you getting up so early”? “I think it might be time for our US passport renewal,” I tell my wife. “I was trying to check it out last night, but I got too tired.”

“I thought you said you took care of the passport renewal process ages ago,” she tells me. “Your new passport is in your attaché case that you drug along on this trip for no apparent reason. Now go back to bed, we have a big day of shopping ahead of us”.

So I went back to sleep again. I awoke several hours later and was determined to get this passport renewal process done once for all. I was able to find a site online called All American Passports. They were a useful resource to have. All I needed was a form, birth certificate, and a formal notification from the company saying it was OK for me to do this. The official at the post office was able to approve me. 2 days. I had my Passport. So now we can get some sleep. Finally…

Article by Andre B – For Information in regards to your Passport Renewal. Or if you need an Emergency Passport. Please visit contact All American Passports.