How to Travel Safely in the United States

If instead of traveling to another country for your vacation you decide to hit the open road and travel throughout the United States, you should know how to do so in a safe manner. Planning your trip in advance will increase the likelihood of your overall vacation enjoyment and security.

On the other hand, when entering from another country into the United States, you must bring your passport and/or visa. This requirement now applies even if you are simply visiting from Canada. Keep a copy of two of your passport at home so you can obtain its number, even if you lose the passport itself while traveling. Become aware of relevant local laws pertaining to each state you will visit and what you can and cannot do while passing through. Additionally, bear in mind that there may be a difference in voltage for powering your electrical appliances. You may need an adapter for them to work properly in the US.

The official language in the United States is English, so you should learn at least basic English to be able to get around efficiently. In some states it will be wise to brush up on a little Spanish as well.

While traveling by either car or plane, never leave your luggage unattended in public areas. And resist the temptation to ask a stranger to watch your belongings – even briefly. Such carelessness or requests could result in the precautionary destruction of your bags (suspicion of explosives).

As with travel anywhere else, try to look like you fit in. It is important to refrain from wearing a significant amount of jewelry or expensive clothes in an area that is unfamiliar to you because you could be targeted by thieves. Along with this tip, don’t walk around with large amounts of cash. By using your debit or credit card, you will be insured by the card’s financial institution if they are stolen.

When you arrive in the state that you plan to visit, pick up a map or turn on your car’s GPS system if included. Though you may think you know your way around, it is difficult to navigate a city with which you are unfamiliar. And stay in the areas that are “touristy” for a bit more safety. Going off the beaten path will only lead to increased danger.

The United States is a wonderful place in which you can learn many cultures and enjoy grand experiences, but safety should nevertheless be your first priority.

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