How to Send Money to Russia

If you plan a mutual travel or just want to send money to your fiancée, you face the problem: how to do it in the best way? There are 4 ways and it depends on the sum, purpose and regularity which way is the best. That’s the topic we are going to discuss today.

1. Sending money through the International systems of transfer without opening an account. There are many systems like these now, I will name only well known to me: Western Union, Money Gram and Contact. Their system of work is similar: You bring money, pay commission, tell woman’s surname, name, country and city of residence. Sometimes her exact postal address is required. For $200 Western Union will take from you the commission amounting $27. Money Gram – $20. Contact – $7. That’s a nice difference between $27 & $7!

At processing the transfer you are given a code that you must tell to a woman.

– Does a woman pay any money out of it? No, she doesn’t. She doesn’t pay anything at getting the money.

– The best destination: It is good for a one-time transfer, if you have an urgent necessity to send money for some needs, e.g. payment for the tour. And if you don’t know this woman well.


GIROSOL Corp., USA has begun execution of remittances through the correspondent-banks of the CONTACT network. GIROSOL Corp. acts only as a Remitting Company. Its agents are located in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Newark, Fair Lawn, Cliffside Park, Philadelphia.

RIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS Corporation has begun execution of remittances through the correspondent-banks of the CONTACT network on the basis of the Agreement concluded with RUSSLAVBANK.

RIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS is one of the biggest American corporations on the money transfers market. Its branches and agents located in Argentina, Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Island, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, England, Guatemala, Guyana, Ghana, Gambia, Honduras, Jamaica, Morocco, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan,

Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Spain, Senegal, Sudan, Trinidad, Venezuela, Uruguay, United States of America.

2. Transferring money for an account.

A woman must open an account in a bank and send its number and the bank information to you. You need only to transfer money to this account from your bank.

– Does a woman pay any money out of it? Yes, at getting the money, she must pay out the income tax (13%) and commission to the bank.

– The best destination: the same as in the point 1.

3. Sending the plastic key card.

Open a single account and put there a small sum of money. Get the key card and send it to your fiancée. It can be done by different ways: convey with an acquaintance, who goes to that place; take with you on the next trip and give personally or send by a special post (for instance, DHL). Attention: don’t tell pin-code!!! In case your card is lost, there mustn’t be any information at it on how to take out money. Then your money will be safe.

Only when your fiancée gets the card, tell her the pin-code by phone and add necessary sum on the card. Your girlfriend will be able to take money at any cash-dispenser.

– Does a woman pay money out of it? Yes, at getting the money, she pays out commission 3-4 dollars, independently on the sum.

– The best destination: Regular transfers. If you met with a woman, proposed to her and now waiting for a fiancée visa, then that’s how you can support her with money.

4. Through an intermediary.

You can send money by any of the ways not to a woman, but to an intermediary.

– Does a woman pay any money out of it? No, she even doesn’t hold money in her hands. But an intermediary will have to pay out commission corresponding to the way of transfer. That’s why this sun must be added to the sum of the transfer, not to burden an intermediary.

– The best destination: If you are afraid of scam or waste of money not to the purpose. For instance, if you want to pay for English classes, but afraid that a woman will spend this money not for this purpose, send them to an intermediary, and he will pay for the classes with this money. This intermediary can be your Agency.

And remember the golden rule: not to be deceived, never send money to a woman if you haven’t met with her yet. If it is difficult to avoid, then choose the safest ways.

Good luck!

Irina Chernova

I am 28 years old Russian female, working in dating field for almost 7 years and my specialty is dating articles for ChanceForlove Russian Dating Services