How to Renew a US Passport

Need to renew your US passport? There are several options of doing this, including visiting your nearest US Embassy (for those living outside the United States). You can also do it by mail. Choosing this option helps confirm the delivery of your mailing. From there, the steps on how to renew a passport by mail would depend on several factors. First of all, you need to meet the requirements of passport renewal by mail.

Who can renew their passports by mail? Those who can do this are people whose recent passports are in good condition, issued when they were 18 years old or over, issued anytime within the last 15 years, or those that contain the passport holder’s current legal name. Should the last requirement not apply to you, you should at least be able to legally document the change in your name.

However, if all the instances above do not apply to you, you should personally appear at the passport office to renew your passport. Personal appearance is required in several instances including a damaged passport, and passports that have been issued more than 15 years ago. This is an additional step, but this just ensures that the correct passport is issued to the right person.

You may renew your passport through mail, granted that you reside within the United States, or you are a US citizen living in Canada. To do this, you need to fill up the Form DS-82, then mail it. You can download this form online, or you can also fill it up online then print it out.

To ensure a hassle-free passport renewal, you are advised to mail your application in a manner than can be traced. There are courier services that can do this for you. Also, make sure that you place your documents in a secure envelope, as sensitive information are contained in that document, such as your personal details.

But what if you are living outside the United States or Canada? To renew your passport outside these countries, you should visit the US Embassy nearest you. They will provide you with a means to renew your US passport.

Typically, it takes 4-6 weeks to process your passport for renewal. However, there are instances where you will be allowed to have this process expedited. To do this, you should visit your Regional Passport Agency. Take note though, that expedited passport renewals are only allowed in two cases: if you need the passport in less than 2 weeks to travel to a foreign destination, or if you need the passport within 4 weeks for your application of a foreign visa.

If you’re wondering how to renew a passport, the information that we supplied you above will help you do it the easy way. We would recommend that you apply by mail as this enables you to renew your US passport at the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is to fill up the necessary documents, then send it by mail. After 2-6 weeks (depending on your situation), your new passport will then be delivered to you.