How to Prepare For a Trip to Seychelles

If one is lured to fall under attractive spells of extremely beautiful beaches of Seychelles, then getting acquainted with necessary tips and guidance will help him to enjoy his trip to the most. Whether he wants to enjoy its serene environment, or just wants to have a look of its cultural blends, a careful planning beforehand is what can make one completely satisfied at the end of the day.

Here are given some important facts and tips that one should be acquainted with:

Because of its tropical climatic conditions year round, there is always a good time to prepare for a trip to Seychelles.

Talking about the specialties of the place, one can see cultural blends of Arabian, Indian, African, French and British influences. Home to about 115 islands in more than 1,400,000 sq km area, Seychelles is well known for having breathtaking beaches on the planet. Other activities that can be best enjoyed here are island hopping, trekking, fishing, sailing and diving.

SCR is the major currency of Seychelles and money exchange facilities are made available at all airport banks and regular banks.

A ‘yellow fever vaccination certificate’ is must to have for those who are visiting some infected areas.

The water is safe, but it is suggested to take bottled water along with. As the sun showers scorching heat, it is important to apply some sunscreen and consume huge water to shun dehydration.

Visa is not needed by the citizens of Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, US and UK as long as they are having return or onward ticket, evidence of enough funds and valid passport.


As far as transportation by road is concerned, Praslin and Mahe offer regular bus service, but one can also hire cars and taxis. For those who want to rent a car, a valid driving license is must to have. If you want to travel via sea, then there is daily ship service between La Digue, Praslin and Mahe. For air travellers, “Air Seychelles” provides links between major islands of archipelago.

If it is raining, then it is better to go along other side of Island, one is sure to get brighter weather just few km away. Seychelles is located outside Hurricane belt, so it will be quite safe to visit here.

Article written by Pascal Esparon, CEO of Espace Seychelles Ltd. Offers Seychelles Honeymoon packages and holidays packages for Seychelles trip.