How to Migrate to Canada From USA

There are many reasons to learn how to migrate to Canada from USA.

There are plenty of work opportunities and places to study in Canada. Many of the provinces in Canada offer no language barrier because English is the primary language. The predominant language in Quebec is French and many US residents in Canada can use their French skills to get by in that region. Traveling to Canada from the states is simple since the countries are connected by both bridges and land. Canada is quite similar to the US so there would not be much of a cultural shock, either. Due to immigration, Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the whole world.

There are many different ways in which you could migrate to Canada from the United States. Below is a simple list which will be further explained.

-Locate family and friends in the area


The easiest way to immigrate to Canada is to choose a school or university and study in the country. Canada has customs that make it easy for people who live in the US to study at Canadian schools. Canada has some of the top schools in the entire world so many students would benefit greatly from studying there. You might want to apply to Ryerson University in downtown Toronto. This school has a campus that attracts people from all over the world, especially from the states. Once you have been accepted into a school or university to study, you can then apply for a temporary visa. That way, you will be able to move between Canada and the US during the time you are in school. You will also have to have a passport and it is best to have a clean past as far as criminal records are concerned. If you have finished your studies, or are not looking to become a student, there are plenty of other ways in which you could migrate to Canada from the US.


If you want to find a job in Canada, you will want to secure the position before you apply for a work visa, whether you want a temporary or permanent visa. If you want to live in Quebec, you must learn French because it is the primary language. You will meet many English speaking people in that area as well, but it is best to know the common language so you do not get caught in an awkward position. Employers in Canada are always looking for workers in technical fields as well as environmental industries. You will have to prove to the customs department in Canada that you are employed within the country. This will make passage into Canada much easier.

Temporary Work

If you can not find a permanent job in the country, you could attempt to find a temporary job. This way, you could get a temporary visa to work and live in the country for a certain amount of time. When that visa runs out, you will have to apply again, or go back to the US. This can be a beneficial approach because temporary work can be easier to find and once you are in Canada, it may be easier to find permanent jobs. Companies are more willing to hire someone new if they only have to commit to you on a temporary basis. At the same time, businesses are more likely to hire you permanently if you have lived in the country for awhile and have experience in the given field. By getting temporary work, you will have a chance to prove yourself and strengthen your resume and skills.

Locate Family and Friends

If you already have family members in Canada, or even a set of friends, you can ask them to vouch for you. If they have been permanent residents for awhile, this can make the immigration process easier on you.


If you want to invest some of your money in a bank or business in Canada, this can help you immigrate to the country as well. The amount you will need to invest depends on when you apply so it is best to check into what the demands are when you want to make the investment.


If you have a successful business in the US, you might want to try expanding it across the border. You can then apply for residence much more easily.

Now that you have the general information describing how to migrate to Canada from USA, check out the resources below in our bio to learn more details and requirements for immigrating to Canada.

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