How to Legally Move to Canada

Among the developed nations, Canada attracts maximum visitors across the atlas. Canada has one of the largest spread of land area and abundant natural resources. Canada is technologically advanced and has a huge service industry blooming with great employment prospects.

Canada is one of the most favored places for immigration as it offers equal opportunity for all, best remuneration, good quality of life, best healthcare facilities, multicultural society and ample employment opportunities.

There are basically two types of visa issued by Citizenship and Immigration department of Canada:

  • Temporary visa covers visas for visiting, student, work, care taker and spouse.
  • Permanent visa covers visas for investor and business immigrants, skilled professionals and family class.

Both these categories have their own qualification criteria and selection procedures. Some of the basic requirements are clean police record, experience, education, age and language. There are additional specific requirement also which depends on the category applied for and the program.

Temporary Visa

Visitor’s visa is for a duration of six months; it can be extended subject to approval by Citizenship and Immigration department of Canada. Every year 30 million people visit Canada in the form of tourist, students, temporary workers to avail all the opportunities offered by the country. Every year 95000 students from all over the world come to Canada to study. The best part of the student visa is that you are allowed to work in campus. Temporary work permit is issued only when you have a job in hand, the employer has to take approval from Human Resources and Skill development, Canada.

Permanent Visa

Under business immigration program Citizenship and Immigration department of Canada is inviting entrepreneurs, self-employed and investors across the globe to invest and live in Canada. Under the qualification criteria business immigrants should invest CAD $800000 and should meet some experience and possess certain net worth.

Family visa program aims at uniting the entire family together. Under this program a permanent resident can sponsor his family to live and settle in the country. There are certain clauses under which only family member and not all relatives can be invited.

Federal skilled worker program, Canada is attracting skilled labor across the world in various fields by giving good remuneration, food quality life, free education etc. Citizenship and Immigration department of Canada has published a list of 29 occupations for which they are inviting applications from professionals across the globe. Family visa is for a period of five years under which the immigrant has an option to apply for citizenship and can settle with family after 3 years.

There are other visa programs for Canada immigration like conventional refugees, live-in care giver and spouse visa.

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