How to Apply For US Passport Renewal?

US passport is one of the most important identification documents for a US citizen. It entitles the passport holder to undertake travels in and out of the country without any trouble. It is also a supplement for certificate of citizenship. US passport is a special privilege of US citizens only. So in order to get a US passport, an individual has to first become a LPR and then a US citizen before getting it.

US passport

US passport is the ticket to international travels. It is so useful for business people who undertake frequent trips out of the country. The US Department of State issues US passports. The Validity of the passports varies from minor to major applicants and to Government Officials and Diplomats. English, the de-facto language has always been used in the US passport. But French and Spanish were also added to it in the subsequent years. The following pages are printed in all the three languages – field names on the data page, passport message, warning on the second page, designations of the amendments-and-endorsements pages.

Validity of the US passport

The US passport has an expiration date that is different for the various categories of applicants. It is necessary to apply for a US passport renewal at the time of expiry of the old US passport.

Minors (16yrs and above) – 10 yrs from the date of issue

Minors (15yrs and below) – 5 yrs from the date of issue

US Govt employees and diplomats – 5 yrs from the date of issue

This date will be printed on the passport itself and the individuals should check it to ensure that they go in for a timely travel permit renewal.

Process of US Passport Renewal

There are many reasons to go in for a passport renewal other than the expiration of the validity. Renewal can be done either through mail or in person depending upon certain conditions. If the individual’s US passport has been either damaged, issued at the age of 16, during the last 15 years or the individual needs to legally document a name change, then the passport can be renewed by mail itself. If the reasons are any other than the above mentioned, then travel permit renewal should be done only in person.

By mail

The individual should complete form DS-82 (Application for US passport by mail) which can be obtained from the local acceptance facility or a passport agency. Alternatively, the applicant can fill in this form online and then take a print out of it. The following documents should be sent in along with the completed application

  • Recent US passport
  • One passport size photo
  • Passport fee
  • Marriage certificate or court order in case the renewal of passport is to endorse the name change.

In case the applicant is residing outside the US other than Canada, then they should go in for their renewal of passport at the nearest US Embassy.

In Person

The individual should send a completed form DS-11 (Application for a US passport) in person along with evidences of US citizenship (birth certificate, citizenship certificate, consular report of birth abroad etc), identifications, one passport size photograph and the required fee.

Processing time

Currently, the processing time is 4-6weeks approximately from the time of applying for routine applications. It is 2-3 weeks for expedited processing.

Filing Fee

The filing fee depends upon the category of the applicant and it should be checked with the Government site at the time of US passport renewal. For adult applicants it is $110 (passport book), $30 (passport card) and $140(passport book and card). For minor applicants it is $ 105(passport book), $40 (passport card) and $120 (passport book and card)

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