How to Apply For a US Visa

Many people look to apply for Visa of United States. They look to apply for different classes of US Visa such as student visa, tourist visa,Work visa, green card lottery visa. Several foreigners migrate to US in order to reside there for temporary or permanent basis. Millions of citizens fro different parts of the world apply for different forms of visa which are categorized to two forms i.e. immigrant visa or non immigrant visa.

US Visa is required under following circumstances:

– If the domicile is not known to be the permanent citizen of 27 republic countries that are under Visa waiver program.

– If they are not considered to be the enduring inhabitant of Canada or Bermuda.

– The concerned person is not allowed to travel to USA due to involvement criminal case or criminal record has been registered against the concerned person.

The classifications of US Visa are as follows:

– Immigrant visa- US Immigration visa is provided to those citizens of the country who have desire to reside permanently in United States. The visa applicant need to be sponsored by resident of America if he is looking to apply for US Immigrant visa. An affidavit need to be submitted in US Embassy regarding the financial capability of the person residing in USA who is ready to sponsor the visa applicant.

– Non Immigrant Visa- US non-immigrant visa is provided to those people who are inhabitating outside the domestic circle of United States of America but are looking to enter the territory of America for some specific purpose for education, medical treatment, commercial meeting etc.

How to apply for US Visa

– Appointment need to be taken by Visa consulate in order to visit US Embassy. Appointment can be taken through telephone, mail service, internet. Fees for US visa interview need to be confirmed before approaching the embassy. Don’t forget to ask the mode of payment through which fees will be accepted by US Visa consulate.

– Take all the necessary documents to the US Embassy such as valid passport, completely filed application form, documents to support the application form which contains details of employment, specific reason to travel USA,financial capability. Proof need to be submitted to the visa consulate regarding payment of visa fees.

– Submit the visa application form along with passport and other documents supporting visa application at US Embassy or to Visa consulate. The visa is provided to the applicants after 4 weeks. There is no guarantee to get the visa as it is entirely dependent on the interview with Visa officer.

– The information submitted by the USA visa applicant are scrutinized thoroughly with the help of famous security database .If the name of the applicant is wrongly mentioned, the process will automatically be halted or delayed due to security concerns.

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