How the Recession Effected Me – Passive Income Saved My Life

I began searching for other legitimate sources of passive income for one main reason. Having recently moved to Quebec Canada as an immigrant. While waiting for my citizenship to go threw I applied for a temporary work visa. Due to the current economic situation. I was denied. It was determined that I would “take the place of more qualified official residents”. Once my citizenship is accepted I will be considered one of those “more qualified residents”. Denied the ability to work in society.

Forced to find some other way to survive. Simply because I was an immigrant. It would “Deprive official residents from the few jobs that are available”. That does not change the fact that I am human! Just like anyone else! I need food and a house to live in. Some sort of transportation. I came here on a plane blind folded. With 2 bags of clothing and a guitar on my back. Literally.

Hoping to make a new life in a new world. Maybe become successful at something. Open new doors of opportunity or so I thought.

I felt that it was necessary to prove myself. Not only to the Canadian government. But to all those bastards that said “You will take the jobs from other people”. “There is already enough unemployment as it is”. Excuse my language but I feel it is necessary for people to understand this.

Realizing the Internet income potential. I began searching it almost obsessively. Determined to find some income to sustain my existence. Searching week after week. Dealing with all the scams and spam. Just as I was about to give up all hope and return to my home town. I came across what seemed to be a very lucrative business opportunity. Almost positive it was just another scam to get what little money I had left. It was everything I was searching so hard for. The ability to be my own boss. To work my own hours. Without having to deal with a work environment.

Bear marketing system. Most people might think it is a silly name. But for me it was that shiny ray of hope. The solution to my problem. An affiliate marketing program that allowed me to make money almost instantly. That which I so desperately needed. This system provided me with six of the top affiliate programs available. All of which are legitimate work at home business opportunities. Affiliate programs are very similar to free lance work. You apply to them as a sponsor. Recruit more people under you while getting paid commission per sale.

It was so simple. Instead of promoting the six different affiliate programs individually. This site allowed me to promote all of them to just one website. Allowing me to focus all my efforts on one program. Instead of juggling several projects at once. Tremendously cutting my work load by more than 50%. Maximizing the traffic by promoting all of my opportunities in one shot. Instead of promoting one website at a time. Allowing me the time to assist all of my affiliates . Make them as successful as I am.

I did not know the first thing about internet marketing. Bear marketing systems forum explained everything in detail how to maximize my traffic. Best part of it all was I did not have to be an expert on website building or html. I signed up for the free bear marketing system. Then I purchased one domain name and forwarded all my traffic to the bear marketing system website. Which promoted all of my affiliate programs for me. It seemed to good to be true at first. Promoting all of my programs at once.

Allowing me to gain the most from my traffic. Now I make more money than I would working a normal job. Working when I want for as long as I want.

This system was truly a life saver for me. I had absolutely nothing left to give. Broke an unable to afford anything. I was about to give up and go back to my home town. Finding this system has provided me with the ability to pursue my dreams. Feel free to check out the video I explain in more detail how the system works. Thanks to all of my readers. I wish you all success in your future.

Kenneth Hyler / Rubinxt
Your time is money! Do not let others push you around. You are your own person.
Everyone has the ability within them. To do whatever they wish to. Make something of yourself!
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