How Quebec Business Programs Help One Get Canadian PR!

Quebec is one of the most popular provinces of Canada. Many overseas aspirants across the world wish to migrate to this beautiful land with the purpose of obtaining permanent residence status in the country. If you also have the same objective, then applying for Quebec immigration under the Business Immigration Categories would be just the right decision.

Quebec Business Immigration Program

This particular Quebec immigration program is available to those overseas aspirants who have relevant work experience in a managerial post and who are ready to settle down in the province of Quebec following an approval. When the province of Quebec approves a candidate’s application, he is provided with a Quebec selection certificate. This certificate is provided to the applicant by the Quebec immigration authorities. This certificate is actually a proof of approval to the applicant.

Quebec immigration is basically a 2-step process that involves provincial and federal both the immigration authorities. The applicants selected by the province or applicants under the Quebec program can obtain Permanent Resident Visa within a reasonable period of time. However, in order to obtain the Canadian Permanent Resident Visa under the business immigration category of the province, the applicant has to fulfill the health and security aspects.

When it comes to the Quebec Entrepreneur and Investor programs, these immigration categories have their own set of criteria and process of selection:

Quebec Entrepreneur Program

To qualify for this particular program, the applicant must have to fulfill the below mentioned criteria:

• The applicant must have not less than a net worth of CAD 300,000 legal possession alone or along with his/her spouse or common-law partner (in case the applicant is accompanied by his or her spouse or common-law partner), and

• Applicants must have at least 2 years of regular work experience in business management over the period of 5 years before their submission of application for the Quebec Entrepreneur program.

• Must have possessed a minimum of 25 percent of the capital business equity where the work experience was attained. However, the said experience must have been in a gainful trade or business, like agricultural, commercial or industrial.

On the arrival of an immigrant as an entrepreneur in the province, a conditional Permanent Resident Visa will be provided to him. However, he will have to fulfill the following conditions for minimum period of one year within 3 years period of obtaining residency:

• Must successfully build or buy an agricultural, industrial or commercial business in Quebec;

• Manage a minimum 25 percent of the capital equity of the business that requires at least a net worth of 100,000 CAD;

• Provide employment to a Quebec resident in the business (except the Entrepreneur or accompanying member of the family) in a position for minimum 30 hours in a week; and

• Take part in the regular business management.

Quebec Investor Program

To become eligible as an investor to Quebec, the applicant must have:

• Certified possession of a minimum net worth of CAD 1.6 million alone or along with his/her spouse or common-law partner. (If the applicant is accompanied by his spouse or common-law partner)

• Have obtained at least 2 years full-time management experience over 5 years period before submitting their application.

• Ready to invest at least CAD 800,000 through an approved financial agent.

The Quebec Investor Program considers experience in different management sectors, while the Federal Investor Program considers only management experience in business enterprises. This is the main reason, the Quebec Investor program appeals to overseas aspirants with the backgrounds of broader management.

As Canada’s economy is increasingly becoming strong, therefore it is the perfect time to apply for PR Canada by investing money in or starting a business in the country. For applicants, who wish to obtain Canadian Permanent Residency, Quebec Business Immigration Programs are the best options for them.

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