How Do You Get Covered When Working Or Studying Outside Canada?

Sometimes it is inevitable for us to go abroad to study outside Canada or perhaps find employment as well. Wherever it is that you plan to go to, it is a must to have all these things ready: your passports, visa requirements, important documents for your study or for your work, a good camera and, of course your travel health insurance.

Yes, travel health insurance is a must on the list. Accidents and other medical emergencies can occur anytime and more importantly, anywhere. Imagine having to go through such ordeal in a place foreign to you; this could be so costly and expensive. Thousands of dollars could be expended from this terrible nightmare without your travel health insurance to protect you. You do have a choice in preventing these unforeseen expenditures from materializing, and the protection and coverage you get from travel health insurances could save you a fortune.

Investments in health insurances can be one of the best decisions you can make. Unguarded incidences that could cause sickness to you and your family could predispose you to indebtedness. Only a fraction of your bill will be covered by your provincial health plan. This is also dependent upon your eligibility to the provincial health insurance coverage. It is important to know what the extent of your coverage is so that you are aware of what and how much you are covered for.

It is also vital to get a travel health insurance when you are out of the country because some hospitals have a policy of non-admittance if you do not have an insurance or cash to pay upfront for your medical expenses. It is really harsh but some just adhere for strict compliances to hospital policies and standards. To avoid having to go through this dilemma, get a travel health insurance before setting your sail and flight outside of Canada.

Be sure to check with your provincial health plan to know how long you will be covered with your basic coverage (this usually varies from three to six months). Also verify if arrangements can be made for continued coverage, if you will find it necessary to do so.

Always carry a copy of your travel insurance policy with the important telephone numbers and the company’s customer assistance center; you may be required to call within 24 to 48 hours after the occurrence of the emergency. Be sure to secure all original invoices for submission to your provincial health insurance plan. Then the outstanding bill along with the receipt or proof of payment must then be submitted to your travel insurance company.

Upon arrival in your country of destination, take your time to locate the nearest and most accessible reputable hospital, clinic or medical center. Don’t wait for an emergency to take place before rushing; be prepared always, all the time.

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