How Do They Become Terrorists?

Anyone ever wondered how someone becomes a full-time terrorist? It’s amazing isn’t it? I mean those people do terror for a living. They are totally committed and devoted to terror. That’s why they’re so hard to beat! Despite all the military power of the US and its allies, the terrorists are still out there unrepentant, undiminished, unbeaten and needless to say “un-terrorized”.

You can’t help wondering “how do they get to this point in life when they only find pleasure and happiness in torturing and terrorizing others?”. Yes, I’m sure ideology is very powerful but how can you explain the case of someone who grew up in Australia, Europe or the States, decided to leave his “seemingly” normal life and join a network of terror? It cannot be about ideology. There is something else out there. To me, those “converting” to terrorism are motivated by something far more personal than an ideology. They are deeply wounded individuals who want the whole world to pay. Those individuals failed to belong. They might have tried at some point but for one reason or another, they were not able to. So now they want society to pay.

As a passionate English teacher, I’m particularly interested even intrigued by the case of those foreigners “converting” to terrorism. I know that’s going to sound crazy but I strongly believe it’s true. I believe that those developed nations like Europe, Australia, America and Canada with a long history of accepting migrants have made or continue to make the same mistake of “welcoming” migrants into society without fully reforming them culturally and linguistically. Here’s an excerpt from the Australian immigration department website, read it and tell me what’s wrong:

“The Adult Migrant English Language Program (AMEP) provides up to 510 hours of free English language tuition to eligible migrants from the skilled, family and humanitarian visa streams, to help them learn basic English to assist with their settlement in Australia.”

Are you kidding me? You honestly think that 510 hours of English language learning will teach someone the language? Do you seriously think that those poor rats are now going to be capable of functioning well in the Australian society? Giving those people a visa is like saving them from hanging and then throwing them into the jungle to get eaten by wolves. Releasing a (proud) adult into society without full training in the language is subjecting him or her to a form of “soft” terror. Society does that to us sometimes without even knowing.

People underestimate the power of language. Through language, you breathe the culture, through language you become one with the country and one with society. Yes Australia is a multicultural and relatively tolerant country, but that is still an English speaking country, and accepting migrants without fully teaching them the language is unfair and even reckless. If you can’t afford training those migrants, then don’t let them in. And you know what? It’s their children that you have to fear. Isn’t that what’s happening?

There’s nothing wrong about FORCING migrants to learn to speak the language like native speakers or to the proficiency of a native speaker. On the long run, you are doing them a great favor. You are giving them a true opportunity for success. You are truly preparing them for the concept of multiculturalism. Whether we like it or not, multiculturalism works only when you have a bunch of people who come from different places yet they can all speak the same language… and can speak it well.

For multiculturalism to work, equality is a MUST. If you enforce English as your nation’s first language, then you are compelled to do everything you can to enable your new residents and citizens to learn it for the sake of multiculturalism, for the sake of equality, and for the sake of fairness.

Without the ability to communicate, you are offering someone a new home but taking away their identity. I realize that many of those people are just thankful just to be there, but that’s maybe true in the first couple of years, because at some point, they will realize that they can’t belong, they will feel isolated, rejected, and unable to relate to the spirit of the country.

Without language, we are voiceless, when we are voiceless, we have no identity, and without identity, there is no culture and without culture, there is no interest in multiculturalism.

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