Hiring a Foreign Worker to Do the Job in Canada

There are lots of things required to employ a foreign worker in Canada. To begin, the business that wishes to employ a foreign worker, needs to meet all of Service Canada’s requirements. The business will need to submit a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) Application. This application essentially will be the business asking for approval from the federal government of Canada.

A few of the requirements to get the Labour Market Opinion Application for businesses wishing to employ foreign workers are:

1. The employer will need to indicate how they have generated efforts to recruit Canadian permanent residents or citizens. Every province has bare minimum online advertising requirements for employers.

2. The candidate need to be compensated a typical wage as stipulated by Service Canada for that NOC code and area in which the position is currently being made available.

3. The working situations need to meet the provincial labour requirements.

4. The federal government asks the employer to assist the foreign worker to locate housing that doesn’t exceed an established proportion of their wages.

As soon as the employer has met the pre-filing requirements and completed the Labour Market Opinion Application, they need to submit the application. As soon as Service Canada critiques the application and gives their approval then the foreign worker will need to submit their work permit application for the consulate that handles their nation. A number of nations don’t have their very own Canadian consulate and have to depend upon the Canadian consulates in other nations.

The Canada consular officials will generally call for the foreign worker to undergo health-related examinations prior to coming into Canada. The Canada visa officer can refuse a work permit application for worker for any number of factors. A few of the more common factors provided for denial are:

1. The candidate failed the health-related examination.

2. The candidate may be a safety threat.

3. The candidate has not met the standards of the position as set through the federal government of Canada.

4. The candidate carries a criminal file.Any among the above factors could make the foreign worker candidate inadmissible to Canada.

The Canada visa business office will inform the candidate in writing of its determination. If the candidate is accepted in principle, they’ll get a letter stating that they’re eligible to get a work permit in Canada. Once they arrive at the Canadian border they’ll need to provide the letter where they will likely be issued their work permit at that time.

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