Have a Fantastic Holiday in Singapore – A Shopper’s Paradise

Singapore, in South East Asia, is a melting pot of cultures from China, India and neighboring Malaysia. So book plane tickets to Singapore to enjoy how different cultures seem to blend seamlessly. The city is also a shopper’s paradise and a lawmaker’s haven. It is one of the well-maintained cities in Asia. The next best thing to shopping is to enjoy the varied array of cuisines available in the city.

Many leading airlines like British Airlines, Air Canada, Emirates Airlines and Singapore Airlines offer airline discounts on flights to Singapore. So getting affordable tickets to enjoy this city is a possibility.

The country is noted for its unique laws to regulate social behavior. Chewing gum, littering, urinating in public places and damage to public property are strictly punishable offences. It has uniform laws for the multiracial society with importance being given to ready access to basic amenities and housing.

Singapore is home to people from different races, with Chinese being the largest group. Its proximity to the Equator makes it have a uniformly hot and humid climate with rainfall occurring every day. This secular state celebrates all major festivals of the majority ethnic groups, namely the Chinese, Indians and Malays. Cheap tickets to Singapore may be hard to find during the Chinese New Year when the Dragon Boat Festival attracts people from all over the world. However, it is worthwhile to check for affordable fares to enjoy this beautiful nation.

In addition to the various religious festivals, the city also hosts a number of other events, which include a shopping festival, the Singapore Grand Prix, Sun Festival and the Jewel Festival, to name a few.

The Changi Airport is the best airport in the world and is famous for the well-organized terminals and services. It has a separate terminal to cater to cheap flights to Singapore. On a transit of more than five hours in the city, a tourist can tour the city on a transit visa. The airport is a city in its own right with a host of things to do for travelers.

The sky scrapers and shopping malls form a part of the cityscape. Chinatown and Little India are popular destinations for cultural experiences and the variety of dishes that they can offer. The night safari, Jurong National Park and Botanical Gardens are well-maintained nature reserves with very interactive and informative sessions for visitors. A trip to Singapore will not be complete without visiting Orchard Road famous for its shopping malls.

The people are very sporty here and water sports are a much sought after forms of recreation. It has the highest number of swimming pools anywhere in the world. In spite of being a small nation, it boasts of a number of well-manicured golf courses. Fifty percent of the city is only used for infrastructure, while the remaining 50 percent has a lush green cover.

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