Getting To Know Bahamas By A Bahamas Travel Guide

The Bahamas is a tropical chain or lineup of islands located in the Caribbean. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and is renowned for its beautiful sandy beaches and tropical climate. The Bahamas is primarily made up of three main islands, which are the Grand Bahamas, the New Providence Island and the beautiful Paradise Islands. The Bahamas is surrounded by various other outer islands that you can visit by cruise and other private transport means.

Reaching Bahamas

Your holiday tour to the Bahamas can start off by landing in the capital city Nassau, or the Grand Bahamas islands. There are many other airports located around the islands and you can choose your closest location of entrance. Visas are not a problem for people from the US, Europe and Canada as they are allowed visa free entries for up to three months. Other than planes, Bahamas is a favorite location for cruise ships and a major chunk of the visitors here arrive as part of a cruise holiday as they tour the various islands. The capital city Nassau is one of the busiest cruise ports and gets visitors mostly from the US.

Moving Around Bahamas

Once on the islands, there are various other means to visit the various islands. You can hire a plane that will fly you to most of the Bahamas locations, although the fares are quite expensive and the airlines are not good in terms of quality. You can also travel by road through the Nassau city; the buses here would take you to the New Providence islands. Still private boats and yachts are best way to go about between the islands. They not only let you enjoy the true beauty of the islands but are pretty cheap.

Climate and Festivals

The climate of the Bahamas Islands is tropical with hurricanes and storms hitting the islands every year. The climate truly makes the Bahamas one of the best tropical holiday destinations. The people here are friendly and are liberal about public and personal happenings. Around the year the festivals take place in and around the islands which adds to the color and the music of the place. One of the most well known festivals is known as Junkanoo which is a street carnival and takes place on Boxing Day each year.


Food here is primarily based on Sea food because of the island environment. Other than that fast food outlet such as KFC, McDonald’s are available for tourists. Most of the meals can be purchased from $5 to $25. The food and service is primarily American, although, some places also serve British food.


Finally, accommodation here is pretty expensive because of the popularity of the place. Most of the good quality hotels charge around $200 to $500 per night. Although, these rates may ease off in the off season. The majority of the big hotels are located Nassau and the Paradise Islands.

The Bahamas is certainly one of the most beautiful and happening places to visit for a holiday. This guide would help you to plan and spend your holidays in Bahamas according to your likeness.

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