Gaining Entry Into Canada Post Being Refused the Privilege

Not being able to gain entry into Canada, courtesy being denied the privilege, is certainly not something to really feel happy about, or to go to town with. It may be really rather discomforting, and the entire arrangement one may earlier have nursed about the Maple Country – whether he was visiting a member of the family, going on a wonderful holiday, or participating in a crucial meeting – will be efficiently annulled even as he will have to turn around only to return back dejected.

However, only because a person has been refused admission to the country doesn’t actually mean that he has no choices whatsoever left, or is short on luck. Still, at first, it’s a good idea to find out why his submission for entrance into Canada failed to receive favorable response from the concerned authorities.

Factors behind entrance refusal to Canada

There could be a plethora of compelling reasons behind the entrance refusal. Undoubtedly, it’s the responsibility of the nation’s concerned agency to keep the Maple Country and its people fully safe and secure.

Those found violating the immigration law of the land, those found to have offered wrong facts about themselves; those having a prohibited family member; those with not-too-good, or in other words, criminal backgrounds; those having health issues, which may lead to extreme demand on the nation’s social or health facilities; and those who are unstable, money-wise, may be denied admission to the country.

Still, at certain times, Ottawa could go overboard, and be a little over enthusiastic in the matters of keeping some individuals out of the territorial limits of the nation, even while those people, who may present entirely no danger whatsoever, may get unnecessarily stuck and find themselves at the receiving end.

What to do when one is refused entrance to Canada

In a situation wherein a person is refused admission to Canada –thanks to a criminal background and a criminal judgment, which may have been given more than 5 years back-the involved person could suitably present a submission for criminal rehabilitation at his local Canadian embassy.

He could also file a petition for a temporary resident permit even as the same will enable him to gain entry into Canada, notwithstanding the fact that he may have been prohibited otherwise. Although the travelers to the Maple Country–from the nations which necessitate permits to arrive in Canada also duly apply for the same–in case one happens to be a guest from a visa-free nation, he could require the same in case he is prohibited.

It must be observed that both the petitions being rather difficult time and again are not entertained only to be reused. They could be one’s sole chance at being permitted to arrive in Canada, even while it’s really a nice proposal to get in touch with a registered immigration attorney in advance to successfully navigate through such choppy waters (situations).

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