FHTM – What Does It Mean To Be A Representative?

As a FHTM rep you have the opportunity to market products and services that the majority of people use already. Many band name products and services are available such as your home and cell phone service, your internet provider, nutritional supplements, air & water filters and much more. As a representative, you make a return on these products and services, building your income as your sales volume increases. Basically you sell products and services that people already use everyday and then you find other people to do the same.

To get started as a FHTM rep, you need to fill out the Fortunes Independent Rep Agreement Application, located at the company website. Then you will pay the representative fee of $299; by either an e-check or by giving a voided check or your banking information. They also accept credit cards – MasterCard, Visa or Discover (you would be required to pay a one time fee of $8.99 when paying by C.C.)

Then as a new representative, you will want to qualify their business to begin earning money.

Three customer points from products or services will qualify for commissions on the first level.

It takes ten customer points for the FHTM rep to unlock all the levels of pay in his or her manager and regional manager levels.

Three active services are required before any bonus money is paid.

The total cost to come into the business as a qualified representative is $409.96 – $299 to sign up + $110.96 for 3 points + $8.99 if you are paying by credit card) To maintain your 3 points, your monthly fee will be $60.97

To achieve regional, the FHTM rep will need to personally sponsor three reps and build his team to twelve managers within his or her first five levels. He or she will want to have ten points to qualify for the many bonuses in manager and regional codes.

To achieve executive, the representative will grow a team of six regional in two or more legs of his or her regional code and have a minimum of fifteen personal customers who are active and develop a minimum of ninety manager in his or her regional code.

To achieve national, the FHTM rep will have six executives in two or more legs of his or her executive code and have a minimum of fifteen active customers personally sponsored, and develop a minimum of ninety managers in his or her regional code and five hundred and forty managers in his or her executive code.

The next thing you’ll want to know is the compensation plan, rewards and bonuses being offered.

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