Experience Sweden Holidays Easily Now

If you were a backpacker traveling in Europe from the 60’s till the late 90’s, there is a great possibility that you missed out on traveling to Sweden using your train pass since there were direct train rides to Sweden, being just north of Mainland Europe. In those days to travel to Sweden by train, you would have to pass to some of the Eastern Bloc Countries, which might have been difficult in getting a visa into some of them. But times have changed and today, with the Oresund Bridge effectively connecting Sweden to Mainland Europe through Malmo on the Swedish Side to Copenhagen, Denmark on the other, more and more people are likened to include Sweden in their places to go when getting a train pass. This can only boost the tourism industry of Sweden as it becomes a choice for people on their holidays.

Added to this, even air travelers can easily fly to Sweden these days. Thanks to Star Alliance which is an association of airlines wherein passengers can interchange their frequent flyer miles to go to other places, this integration of sorts have enjoined SAS, the national carrier of Sweden to other airlines, effectively making it worthwhile for travelers to visit Sweden during their holidays. Amongst the members of the Star Alliance are the following carriers: United Airlines and US Airways, Turkish Airlines, Thai Air, Tap Portugal, Swiss Air, Spainair, South African Airways, Singapore Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Lufthansa, LOT Polish Airlines, Egypt Air, Croatia Airlines, Continental Airlines, Brussels Airlines, BMI, Blue 1, Austrian Air, Asiana Airlines, All Nippon Airlines, Air New Zealand, Air China, Air Canada, and Adria Airways. You can easily check online for any promotions that these airlines have and the net effect of this strategic grouping is that economically made it viable for passengers of these airlines to visit most places in the world.

There are many reasons to go on Sweden holidays. Some prefer the winter months for its nice areas to do winter sports like skiing and snowboarding or prefer to watch the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights which is best viewed between September and March. Some prefer the summer months especially during The Midnight Sun Times which happens from late May to mid July where one can literally have a sun tan at midnight. Others do go there on Sweden holidays for the great party and ambiance of the big cities like Stockholm and Malmo, or for the quieter times traveling to see castles from different centuries. All in all, going to Sweden is a worthwhile undertaking thanks to the many incentives it gives due to infrastructure changes making the country more accessible to all.

Interested to visit Sweden? Traveling to a place for the first time is fun and exciting but it can be a recipe for disaster! Learn about Sweden history [http://www.swedenhistory.net/] and culture including Sweden holidays [http://www.swedenhistory.net/holidays-in-sweden.html], hotels and foods now and have a fun filled Sweden experience!