Essential Requirements For Spain Travel

Spain is one country that is absolutely rich in history and culture, making it an ideal spot for vacations. Spain displays large regional variations when it comes to different aspects such as cuisine, architecture, scenery, adventure and coasts. One thing that remains constant throughout Spain is the heart warm welcome and the vibrancy throughout the country. There are enough reasons which make Spain an ideal destination to explore. In order to enjoy your vacations it is important that you meet appropriate travel requirements.

EU Citizens

European Union has many countries at its member and the citizens of these countries do not require a visa for entering Spain. Being an EU citizen you have to carry your national identification card and driver’s license instead of the passport. The citizens of these countries are given EU ID cards that serve as a justified education for the European Union citizens.

The Schengen Group

According to Schengen agreement, around 24 nations throughout the world (which are included in the Schengen countries) are allowed passport-free travel. This means that they do not need passport for traveling across the borders of the countries that are members. Although there are some EU countries which are the members of Schengen countries as well but all the EU members are not Schengen members.

Non-EU citizens

The citizens of those countries who do not belong to EU countries have to bring along their passports if they want to seek entry to Spain but the non-EU citizens to not need a visa (in case this day is lesser than 90 days). Canada, Australia, Israel, Croatia, Japan, Mexico, USA, Venezuela, New Zealand, Vatican City and Romania are the members of non-EU countries.

In case non-EU citizens’s intends a stay for more than 90 days, a visa will be required. The citizens need to apply for Spanish visa at the nearest Spanish Embassy presence in their country. These members should be well prepared to furnish all the documents that are required in assisting visa.

Schengen Visas

Non-EU citizens may require their passports to have an entry stamp. This stamp should have the first 90 day permission for the travel throughout all Schengen countries. The traveler may just stay in Spain or visit other Schengen countries but the citizen will have to exit either of the countries before the 90 day term expires.


The countries whose citizens do not require any official passport or travel visa to enter Spain and move around are Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.

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