ESL Jobs – A Great Opportunity For English Teachers

Career as an ESL Teacher – Stepping Stone To Success

ESL teachers teach English as a secondary language to people who speak other languages as their native tongue and help them to become proficient in English. ESL Teachers concentrate on conversation and writing skills & focus more on job-related communication skills for students in foreign countries. An ESL certification or license is required before one can start teaching English as a second language.

ESL Jobs In South Korea:

Teaching English in South Korea, a beautiful state, would provide a great opportunity to become familiar with a new culture, travel and make new friends from all over the world. In the current scenario of cutting-edge education, English teachers are on high demand in Asian countries. Several options are available online to assist native English speakers in the hiring and placement process to attain positions as ESL teachers in South Korea for public schools. Obtaining an ESL job is not at all difficult in South Korea and there are great online recruitment resources available that help individuals to get high paid teaching jobs. An ESL job in South Korea is a good option for individuals who are looking to jet start their career as an English teacher.

The eligibility criteria for teachers to get ESL jobs in South Korea depend on the state that the teacher opts for. Some schools also have an additional criterion that is not essential for others. Here is a list of general requirements:

o Citizen of Native English Speaking Countries: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland citizens only can obtain working E2 visa in South Korea

o Must have bachelor’s degree: 3~4 years Bachelor’s degree is the minimum degree required for ESL professionals.

o Learn a Second language: It is not essential to learn other languages, but if a person knows how to speak other languages besides English, it will be an added advantage to his/her teaching career.

o Certified Professional: Like other teaching professionals, an ESL teacher will need certification or a teaching license to become a professional teacher in most situations. Therefore, it is essential for a person to be certified or they must possess a teaching license such as TESOL.

o Teaching experience: Some schools or organizations seek to hire ESL professionals who have prior teaching experience while others emphasize on the prospective person’s education level. There are organizations which seek ESL professionals with master’s degrees in education.

o Be flexible: Culture shock and home sick may suffer you when you are working foreign countries. It is important that you are ready to learn other culture and respect the way how they work and live.

Craig Cummings is Owner at KorVia Consulting Since 2006 we at Korvia Consulting have been embracing this philosophy as we work in close partnership with the South Korean Ministry of Education while guiding qualified Native English Speaking candidates to highly seek after Public School Native English Speaking positions throughout all of South Korea.