Entering America’s Territory

America is a very popular country. It is also one of the most powerful. It offers a diverse culture that most foreigners would want to experience firsthand. They have an abundant beauty of both natural and man-made attractions. Many foreigners leave their home countries just to get a chance to work in America. America promises a brighter future to most people. And thus, the fame of America ensues.

Presented here is a general guideline of what to do when planning to visit America. It always pays to be prompt. The traveler should be at the airport two hours before the departure time. It is not good to panic and scramble when nearing the boarding time already. Be there ahead of time and relax. Remember that morning flights are never delayed because it is not affected by previous flights. It is best that travelers take a flight that lands on breaks in between so that their travel would not push them off the gear.

Put the passports and tickets in the hand luggage. Use a lanyard that has plastic passport holder and tie it around your neck if you prefer it that way. Do not wrap packages in your carry on luggage. Place all valuables in the carry luggage. Never lock your bags because inspections are done randomly in the airport. TSA might break your locks just to be able to inspect your bags.

Carry only US Dollar currency. Money can be in cash or traveler’s cheque. Reservation for all flights and hotel are done with a credit card. Be sure to have a non-immigrant visa for temporary stay or you will not be permitted entry in the American territory. You have to have an immigration visa if you wish to stay there permanently.

Visa to America is not easy to get. There are lots of requirements to meet to be able to get an approved visa. Even a visitor’s visa is difficult to get. The visitor must know the basic laws of America. They should be able to prove to the embassy that they are not intending to stay as an immigrant.

Be honest in your interview always, and relax. State the purpose of the trip, be it for business trip, medical treatment or pleasure activity only. You can say you want to see the wonders of America, like the famous Statue of Liberty. Just give the assurance that you just want to visit and see their country. Tell them the duration of your stay if possible. Also give them an idea of the funds you saved to cover the expenses of the whole trip. And lastly, it is very important to establish your local residence from wherever country you are based.

Any person living in a foreign country under the Visa waiver program, or is a resident of Mexico, Canada and Bermuda, is exempted from applying for a visa of entry. His passport is enough. For the rest of the countries, the locals are required to get a visa. Non-immigrant visa is for an international travel that is planning to come to United States for a short and temporary time. The non-immigrant traveler should check the following things:

Check your visa from time to time. You need to renew it if it is about to expire already. That would mean another trip to the American Embassy. Check the available time for interview appointments in the website of America’s government. Plan an interview either in the embassy or at the consul. The first and foremost requirement for immigration visa is an affidavit that supports your status.

These are just some of the things you need to do to be able to enter America. You can not enter America without following these simple steps. Follow these steps so that you would not have any problem when you go to America.

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