Emigration Options – Where in the World Are You Going?

Moving overseas is a dream for many people – for some it becomes a nightmare but does it have to be that way?

With unemployment in the UK high and the immediate prospect of many finding a suitable job very low what about looking abroad.

No more that cramped commute, endless traffic jams and employers more concerned with profits than you. Abroad you can reinvent yourself, change your career or even start your own business and of course the opportunities for the children will be so much greater.

Surveys say over 50% of adults have seriously considered the move abroad. In the future many will move between, two three, four even five countries in their lifetime as they follow their careers and lifestyle opportunities.

The UK has some 5.5 million British Citizens living overseas, one of the largest percentage of expat populations in European countries. But how, why and when did so many of these people make the move? There are many factors but the motives tend to fall into a few categories.

Company transfer – normally for a year or two but many enjoy the expat lifestyle and stay or keep moving around the world.

Love – with increasing travel especially amongst the under 30’s, people find their partner in another country. One has to move and as often as not the person in the UK is one who makes the move abroad.

Better lifestyle – this has been a main driver for skilled and professionals people moving to Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Historically these countries have had migration friendly policies that has made it possible and with very favourable exchange rates it has been very attractive. But, since 2009 new policies have been introduced making it much more difficult to get visas and for instance in Australia house prices have rocketed in some parts and the Aus dollar down a third.

The USA remains very difficult to enter without a professional job offer or if you don’t have the funds to invest in a business.

Moving within the European Union is technically easy but again the pound has devalued against the Euro and costs in many countries are increasing leading to many wanting to return home – some can but financially others are stuck.

To Start Again – with so many relationship breakdowns, families falling out, unemployment and the view that the UK no longer holds a future for them anywhere else can offer the hope of success and happiness.

Retirement – although bringing families together is seen as good for keeping new immigrants the costs of healthcare make it a much less attractive for governments. There are routes but timescales can be long and expensive. Also starting a new life at 70 can be very hard for some.

Looking back over the second part of the 20th century people moved to the developing countries of the English speaking Commonwealth for great opportunities but many of those countries simply don’t need our skills in the same volume neither do they need to populate their countries.

More recently countries such as those in Asia are producing highly intelligent, experienced and motivated workers who are in competition with us Brits for visas for those prized English speaking destinations.But do you really want to emigrate? A reality check is a must to see if such a move is really what you really want and what you need to consider before committing yourself to such a major life change. Are you just going to export your problems with you.

Take a clear look at your life now, what you have then take a realistic view of emigrating, if it is outside Europe make sure you meet the visa requirements and ideally visit your destination – in the winter. Yes it does rain, get cold, snow, drought and storms in many other parts of the world.

The reality is for many that emigration may not have been the right choice. Welcome as a tourist in rural France the attitude changes when you pitch up to run your own ‘local farm’. That coffee shop in Italy that you got for such a good price would be fantastic if only if you could get a licence to trade. Retiring to Spain is great – but not when you get ill, run low on cash or your partner dies. That fantastic diving business in the Florida Keys is a great business – just you don’t qualify for a visa to run it.

The truth is many hundreds of thousands have emigrated from the UK over the years and do build a better future. They have created fantastic lives for themselves.

In the future Brits are going to have to take on the fact that to be successful abroad many need to look outside the English speaking world, learn new languages and very different cultures. China, India, Russia and Brazil are developing very fast and with fantastic opportunities.

The key to successful emigration comes from some essential factors. The family are totally together on the move from the beginning. They researched their options and planned for success. Yes they had a dream but it came from reality – they had the money, skills and experience and most of all the commitment to make it work.”

Dreams do come true, get clarity, get good advice and just be realistic before you start.

The world is your oyster – just don’t choke on the pearl.

Ian Marshall The Clarity Coach at meJma

Ian Marshall
The Clarity Coach at meJma┬« – I have worked in the travel sector for 25 years and in helping people emigrate for the last 13. Within this period I have worked as head of training for a major travel company and have also consulted to numerous organisations on change and personal development programmes.
Where I excel is being able to make individuals believe in themselves and to guide them to achieving more in their life. Helping people move from feelings of apathy, worthlessness or needing a guiding hand to realise their potential.
I have worked with many professionals, managers and executives on their career development and increasingly with private individuals who need to find a better meaning to their life and have chosen to invest in their own future.
Returning to work, setting up a business, moving home, emigrating, enjoying family life are achieved by them gaining clarity and understanding what is important to them – your happiness is my passion.Ian Much more information and how to contact me at http://www.life-help.org