Economist Favors Total US Immigration Overhaul

In a key development, a noted financial expert has strongly advised Washington DC to boost the quotas for immigration with a view to perking-up the national economy. He claims that the nation requires extra untrained overseas people to work in agriculture & other fields. It also requires additional qualified migrants to work in industries which are high tech. It must also inspire the overseas investors to shift to the US and those students–who do graduation from the many American universities–to remain inside the country.

Still, he claims that the existing national policies on immigration are not very positive even as these are obstructing economic revival of the country. The policies suitably tailored to defy unauthorized overseas movement of people followed by many states of the US have already done severe damage to the agricultural field by terrorizing the lowly-paid unlawful migrants engaged in the fields.

He further alleges that the restrictions placed on the figures of the H-1B permits are negatively influencing industry-more so from the high-tech field. Simultaneously, Washington DC is making it much more difficult for the students, graduating from the various American universities, to remain inside the nation.

Study revealed that when the total number of the available H-1B visas was increased by 100% during 1998, it had an instant positive outcome on the share price of the industries which were high-tech. The domain of high-tech characteristically comprises nearly 80% of the total H-1B permits which are offered.

An upper limit exists on the total number of the H-1B permits which may be offered in a given year even as 85,000 H-1B permits are proffered every year. The processing of the H-1B permits starts at the starting of the financial year on April 1 every year. In the current year, 2013, the limit was touched post just 2 months during early June.

The economist further claims that 20% or one-fifth of the nurses, appearing for the licensure examination in the American hospitals, at the present are overseas born even as the nurses from the Asian country of Philippines take home, on an average, 4% over and above the US-born nurses as, it appears, they are comparatively superior at the given job.

He continues that until the global meltdown during 2008, the US boasted of a fertility rate of 2.1 births for every woman. The said rate has presently decreased below 2 even as it signifies that the populace of the US is not only fast becoming aged but also heading north. Hence, it is cost-effectively very important that extra immigration takes place.

The financial expert adds that by 2030, nearly 70% of the Hispanic migrants will have their own house in the US. It is crucial, he claims as, in case it fails to materialize–as the populace of the US decreases–there will be comparatively lesser demand for accommodation even while the property prices will fall down even more. Concurrently, there won’t be sufficient untrained labor to take care of the specific health requirements of the fast-ageing American people.

He further says that in the meanwhile certain competitors of the US from across the globe–such as Canada, Australia & the Singapore–are adopting innovative and effective measures to inspire brilliant young graduates & industrialists to settle and do a job there. Post graduation, a large number of students from India and China are also opting to go back to their home nations.

The economist concludes the subject when he says that the requirement for complete reform is urgent and pressing, adding that the American leaders can’t and shouldn’t delay the same further, as it would make the situation only worse and give the many American rivals an edge over it (the US).

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