Does Your Family Need To Move?

As an American nowadays, you can’t help but wonder if there might be a tamer place to reside in. Some citizens are wanting to travel afar and settle into a country that is more tolerant of differences in religion and lifestyle.

Canada seems to be on the top of many Americans’ lists as the perfect place to reside in. Then there are people who oppose that idea, like talk show host Bill Scher. In Scher’s book “Wait! Don’t Move to Canada!”, he instills the values of an honest fight to win back The US. He spouts his liberal agenda into a love letter for America and all her troubles.

But what if you don’t have any fight left in you? Some people think their side lost years ago and have since given up the fight. Maybe you have given up on the American dream, or just don’t want to have that two car garage and 1-2 kids.

Why not go somewhere that is warm with lots of beaches, like Australia? Australia wants more Americans, unlike their overpopulated little brother, New Zealand, which is turning away requests all day. Australia is a quaint, warm and very friendly country with different kinds of communities that will be of interest, depending on what you want. You and your family can travel the country and gain Australian visas without trouble as long as everybody has their United States passports. Also, if you end up enjoying it, you can just ask for extra time.

Maybe you prefer more of a historical, artistic place to land. A country like Italy is rich with Roman ruins and gothic cathedrals. Everywhere you turn, there is history unfolding right before your very eyes. But keep your United states passports close because you might not be ready to handle their deep-rooted religious values as a whole.

Then there are less friendly countries like China that aren’t as welcoming to US citizens. Unless your family has gotten their China visas, you most likely will have trouble traveling for more than a few weeks. But this country is also so rich with tales of struggle and an old history, that it makes the US look infantile in contrast. China has some wonderful hidden places, and if you can make it to Tibet, you will be amazed at the loving spiritual life that the monks strive for. If you venture north, you must be certain you hold onto your United States passports because once you get a good look at all the suffering going on there, you will want to catch the next plane back.

Now you can make a more educated decision on if you want to move or where to stay. Do you like the idea of staying in America and standing up for what you believe or are you more enticed to move to some place new and different? Maybe you need to travel some so you may return with fresh, new, open eyes.

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