Do You Need Help With Canadian Immigration Papers?

You have begun the process of immigrating into Canada but now you are looking at papers that you do not have the first clue to filling out. There is a question on the form that you do not know the answer too, you are looking at the stack of papers in front of you and have no idea where to even start. These are all reasons why you might want help with Canadian immigration papers.

Do you know the best person to help you with Canadian immigration paperwork is? That’s correct, a Canadian immigration lawyer. A Canadian immigration lawyer is specialized in knowing what forms to fill out and what order to file them under. There are specific forms that you cannot file right away and others that you have to file 3 years later. Do you know what those forms are? Probably not, but the Canadian immigration lawyer does.

There are many forms that are required for the different types of immigration, you are not expected to know which of those forms you have to full-out but they have to be done. So where do you turn when the papers are overwhelming you, a successful and known for getting the job done Canadian immigration lawyer.

No matter if you are seeking a temporary immigration into Canada or a permanent one; you need to know the facts and the right papers have to be filled out. For those that are seeking temporary immigration into Canada you may be filing for Visitation, School, Employment, Live-In Caregiver, Humanitarian Work, or having being engaged to someone in Canada. However if you are someone who is looking to permanently immigrate into Canada then you will find yourself filing forms due to employment, family or special circumstances.

For those that are already living in Canada and need to make a change to their Visa or wish to file the paperwork to become legal citizens of Canada, there is often a waiting 3 years before you can make that last change. If you are permanently immigration into Canada you will fall under one of three main categories, Independent Class which has become popular for those of the professional or skilled worker class. The Entrepreneur Class also known as the investor or self-employed class and the Family Class where the immigrant has close relatives that live in Canada.

However for those that do not fall under the three main categories for a permanent immigration to Canada they might fall under one of the 5 sub-categories. If you have at least 2 years working experience in Canada in the last 3 years, if you have studied in Canada for a minimum of 2 years and at least 1 year working experience, if you are willing to learn the French Language for work, if you are using a H1B Visa to work in the United States, or if you have a company with a confirmed job offer in Canada.

Worried about your immigration application in Canada? Does the immigration law confuses you more than help you understand it properly? If this is the situation you are in now, then maybe you’ll need the help of Immigration Lawyer Toronto. Visit for immediate consultation and assistance regarding your immigration needs.