Do Not Try Immigrating to Canada By Yourself

If you do not currently have family living in Canada and will be moving by yourself, this will be a daunting task. If you are planning to move by yourself, there are the typically moving details to take care of. You must find a new place to live, transfer all of your belongings, several forms to fill out, and start a new job or set up your new business. Moving your entire life to a new place is already a tall order. Immigration attempts done by yourself can be a stressful task to stand against.

Why You Need Help Immigrating

Immigrating to Canada is not a simple task. Immigration approval can take from several months to several years for some. In order to immigrate, you must submit official forms to several different agencies. The paperwork that you will definitely need is your social security information (if applicable), birth certificate, visa and passport information, and any other information that will pertain to your identity. The country will also check with your government to ensure that you are in good standing and without any issues in the home country. You must have the appropriate paperwork turned in to the appropriate agency to proceed immediately. If you use a law firm to assist with the immigration, then they can help you appeal a denial decision.

Gaining a Work Visa

Unless you have a large amount of funds in a bank that you can use to prove that you will be able to support yourself while in Canada, you will need to have a job. To get a job in Canada, a work visa is necessary. Work visas are granted by the government to allow non-citizens the right to work legally in the country. Getting a work visa is the first step to moving towards permanent citizenship. If you are not careful, your work visa could expire, leaving you without a way to stay legally employed in Canada. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada, CIC, have a complicated process to monitor the population growth in the country. However, they want to make sure that the economy does not suffer so skilled workers are welcome if they have something to contribute.

Use a Lawyer to Get the Steps in Order

Before you file an application for permanent residence in the country, you should seek the help of a Canadian Immigration law firm. Applications for residence are filed daily, with many being denied due to various reasons. Lawyers can get you a hearing to have the decision repealed. If you have your identification paperwork and work visa in order, visit a lawyer who is experienced in Canadian Immigration. Allow your legal representative to file the paperwork necessary to keep you in the country and set your application in motion for citizenship approval.

Your Canadian Immigration lawyer can make sure that your work visa is renewed so that you have advantage and a good reason to become a citizen of the country. If you would like assistance in immigrating to Canada, contact our immigration lawyers Toronto today.