Cruise and Stay Guide – Part 1 – The Bahamas

Bahamas is placed in an excellent location, less than a hundred miles off the coast of Florida and the United States, north of Cuba and the Caribbean, and North West of the British overseas territory of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Bahamas enjoys the title of the most perfect travel destination. Bahamas enjoys a perfect weather condition. Bahamas is unique for its crystal clear turquoise blue water and pearly white sandy beaches. This archipelago is located in the Atlantic Ocean.

It is an archipelago consisting of the main island, Grand Bahamas Island and a number of bustling serene islands like the New Providence, Abaco, Andros, Acklins and Crooked Island, etc. There are twenty three inhibited islands and numerous unpopulated islets and cays. The sun, sand and sea are merely perimeters of the islands of Bahamas.

Bahamas has earned an international reputation for sailing, Regattas and races held all the year round. The natural beauty of the water extends to thousands of mile of shoreline which are of course the worlds beautiful and unsullied beaches.

Travelers from U.S, Canada and European Union do not need an advance visa for short stays up to 3 months. The Bahamas are a popular port of call for cruise ships. The archipelago has the world’s busiest cruise ship ports. Cruise boats are operated mostly from USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Caribbean, Hong Kong and Dubai. It’s only a one day cruise from Florida and short Cruises from most of the neighboring countries. Since there are so many islands in such more proximity, there are scheduled flights and private Air planes for hire to travel from one island to another. Even then most travelers prefer to sail between islands. There isn’t much that that you can’t do in the water in Bahamas. From diving to sailing and from snorkeling to fishing you are there in Bahamas to do every thing in and on water.

Conch is the national dish, along with peas and rice makes the combination. Kalik, Bahamas Beer is served in resorts and restaurants. Accommodation on the Bahamas is comparatively expensive even though there are cheap hotels. Back packer or hostel type lodging is practically unfound. Bahamas is a very safe place to cruise. Those who wish to have a bit of adventure can go for an unorganized tour, but make sure that you have the necessary information about the places in the way of maps and directions.

Relaxing on a beach, with a book, a tropical drink and a close friend – there isn’t much more for a holiday.

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