Creating the Perfect Honeymoon

The venue, the caterer, the guest list, the dress; the wedding is planned and ready to roll, now all that is left is anticipation and honeymoon planning. As the farthest reaches of the world become ever more accessible, the choices of where to go on the honeymoon proves even more difficult.

Herein lies the first obstacle; there is more than one person making the choice. As couples go, it is a pretty rare occurrence that each party will have exactly the same idea of what constitutes the perfect honeymoon holiday, especially taking into account the wide range of choices available. Couples can choose a secluded romantic getaway spot on a beach, an adventure holiday, an exotic sightseeing destination, or even a round the world trip.

Whatever the choice comes to, couples must keep in mind how much they want to, or are able to spend on their trip. Many weddings pack quite an expensive punch and these considerations should be taken into account before planning any getaway. Even within a budget, couples can still look towards planning their honeymoon abroad, especially if planned well ahead of time.

An adventure honeymoon could be the perfect choice for those who like to venture off the beaten path. A trip to beautiful Borneo – the world’s third largest Island – with its stunning arrays of plant, animal and bird-life, could prove to be an ideal choice. Alternatively, choose a safari across the Okavango Delta and experience wildlife in natural surroundings. Those more interested in life under the sea can choose numerous diving destinations such as the islands of the Caribbean, Mexico, Maldives and the Great Barrier Reef.

Those who might need a break after wedding madness might prefer a luxury honeymoon [] on a desert island beach in St Lucia, in a world class city like New York, or at a 7 star hotel in Dubai. Travel connoisseurs can even opt for a round the world ticket stopping at as many destinations as they wish. For a feat like this to be enjoyed, couples would be advised to take a few months rather than a few weeks off from work, as it takes time to appreciate what the world has to offer.

Wherever the destination, it’s best to arrive at a suitable time of year; it would be a shame to arrive in Thailand in the middle of their typhoon season or to a skiing holiday in Canada when there is no snow. It’s best to either do the research or hire an expert on these matters who will also be able to assist with visas, flights, plus other necessities and tips for the destination.

Andrew Regan is an online, freelance author from Scotland. He is a keen rugby player and enjoys traveling.