Costa Rica Retirement, Great Lifestyle at a Reasonable Price

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places on the earth. If you enjoy mild climates, friendly people and a fantastic natural environment then Costa Rica is a great place to live.  Many people are finding that Costa Rica is great place to retire to as well.

It is recommended that everyone that is considering Cost Rica retirement or a permanent move to Costa Rica spend time there as a tourist. The more often you visit and the longer you stay the better. While you are visiting you it is very important to explore all the rules and regulations that are involved with immigrating to Costa Rica. Renting a home or an apartment in areas that you are considering making your new home is very important. Take time to investigate the local infrastructure and community services to assure they meet your needs.  

Depending on your country of origin you can obtain a tourist visa that will allow you to stay in the country for up to 3 months. You can also apply for an extension that will allow you to stay for an additional amount of time. Again is very important that you spend time searching the country and experiencing the culture in each location. If you have a valid home country driver’s license and passport you can rent a car that will allow you to wander about the country. But be advised the roads of Costa Rica are full of pot holes and during the rainy season some roads can be impassable. The country boasts of 7 different micro-climates that range from coastal beaches to cloud forests each with its own special living conditions.  

The language of Costa Rica is Spanish and it is strongly recommended that you begin to learn the language long before you make your permanent move. There are Spanish classes available at one of the many schools located near urban centers that do a fine job of teaching total emersion Spanish. Once you leave the area around urban centers you find that few people speak anything but the local language. Your Costa Rica retirement will be much more enjoyable if you know the language.   In addition it is recommended that you spend time visiting with expats from your home county. Since Costa Rica retirement is so popular you will not find it hard to find an expat group that will provide you with critical information about making the move to Costa Rica. This will save you a tremendous amount of time and in some cases a lot of money. Many expats are living very comfortably on $2000 USD or less a month. In addition domestic help and services are really cheap when compared to the US, Canada and Europe.  

In most cases it is wise to rent a home or apartment before deciding on purchasing or building a home. In all cases you must find a good attorney to assist you in the purchasing process. Purchasing a home is a lot easier than building one due to the problems of quality control and long build times. Costa Rica retirement should not mean getting a job as a construction manager. Property taxes and insurance are much lower than Canada and the US. Knowing what the local tax structure is prior to making any purchase only makes good sense.  

Owning a vehicle in Costa Rica can be expensive if you going to purchase one locally. All cars and trucks are as much as 20 percent higher in cost than the US. You can have your car shipped to Costa Rica from your home country as well. Import fees and shipping cost may make it cheaper to purchase in country. Shipping your personal household goods to Costa Rica can be a problem. Be sure to check with the local expat groups as to what companies have the best reputation for reliability. Many people simply purchase new furniture and appliances once they have made the move. Again Costa Rica Retirement means peace of mind and the path of least resistance and stress.  

Costa Rica is truly one of the best places to live in the world. The beautiful environment and friendly people all make it close to paradise. A Costa Rica retirement will give you the opportunity to enjoy your golden years at a very reasonable cost of living.

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