Consider a Regional Center in the Pacific Northwest When Applying For an Investor Visa

If you want to enter the United States and start your own business, you can do so using the eb5 visa, also known as the investor visa. You might know the details about the program, but often the most difficult part is deciding where to go. If you want to live along the coast, enjoy myriad business opportunities, and get excited about rain, Washington could be the place to go for your investor visa.

American Life Inc. has partnered with the Gateway Freedom Fund to create a regional center. It was founded in 1996, at which time it was approved by the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services, or USCIS. Its projects are located just south of Seattle, and they mostly focus on buying, restoring, and then managing both older industrial buildings and newer properties.

Because this area has an unemployment rate that is higher than the national average, it is designated as a regional center, which means you can invest $500,000 instead of $1 million. If this doesn’t interest you, perhaps the projects themselves will. With this particular center, you will use your investment to buy partnership interest in the project, which will be managed by American Life, Inc. They, in turn, will create at least ten jobs for U.S. citizens, which is one of the major requirements for the investor visa.

Though the eb5 visa is typically open to those from every country, this particular regional center works most often with immigration consultants from certain countries. They include Canada, Japan, India, Korea, Germany, and England. If you are from one of these countries, there is a consultant near you who can offer more information about steps to take. If you do not hail from any of these countries, you can still contact the company for more information, as no one that meets the requirements is left out.

The main goals of this regional center include finding promising properties, renovating them, and either selling them or renting them out later. The decision rests on what will be most profitable for the investor, and most beneficial to the community. If area growth is important to you, Washington is known for its newer economy that is still developing. Fast growing industries here include technology, agriculture, and international trade, among others. The Washington area is known for its plentiful natural resources, and common jobs and activities include fishing, mining, and culling lumber. The presence of film studios, national retail headquarters, and several colleges in the Pacific Northwest combine with the myriad natural resources to make this an area that is full of potential.

If you are having a hard time deciding which area to settle down in, consider Washington. This regional center is known for working at the lowest operating costs possible so that you will have the best chance of turning a profit, and its many immigration consultants can help you start the process. You might even choose to make this your home rather than just your place of business, but you’ll never know unless you check it out through the investor visa.

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